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When’s the best time to sell used car?


Is now, the best time to sell used car? Well, that’s not that hard to speculate! However, apart from the price, there are a number of factors that you need to bear in mind while you set out to sell your car. The 3 key factors to consider before making the car-selling decision are majorly the current market conditions, the condition of your car and personal state of affairs.

If your car no longer meets your requirements, it is the best time to sell used car 

Every individual chooses to buy a car to ensure their specific need gets fulfilled. With time, marriage, birth of offspring, college getting over and other events in life, the choice of vehicle changes. You might just want to buy a new car keeping the old one parked in your garage. After all, it’s not costing you anything. No! Your car, even if it is lying dead, adds to your expenditure. Just like increase in mileage, the age of a car also depreciates the car value. Hence, it is better to get rid of the car and inflate your wallet with the selling amount.

Before your car model is obsolete

An old-fashioned car attracts very less prospect buyers. Therefore, before your car is marked as an old-fashioned 4-wheeler, it is better you find a new owner for the same. It’s pointless to keep your car in the garage when you know that after a point of time you won’t even get a service station nearby.

Hitting a high mileage is a no-no, if you want to get a good value for your used car

best time to sell used car


Every KM that you drive, costs money. And, it is much more than just the price of gas, petrol, maintenance, and insurance. When you reach a certain mileage limit, it gives your car a significant dip in its resale value. Therefore, it is advisable to run your car on the roads for a certain time and then go selling your car. Also, the value plummets as soon as the warranty gets over. Buyers show minimum interest for cars which have reached the 6000 miles, as they would need serious repairs.

Sell when everything is working fine

Well, it is easiest to sell a car when it is in a good condition. When all its parts are functioning in a proper manner, you need not put any extra effort to explain and convince buyers. Also, if your car gives you the signs of impending doom, then you got to take that as a warning and sell your car as soon as possible.

Excessive Repair Costs to be incurred

To continue the previous point, it’s always wise to get rid of your car before any major repair cost starts looming around. Instead of waiting for your car to give you signals, it’s always better to do some research and know which component of your car will fail when. For example, if the transmission of your car does not work beyond 7000 KM, getting rid of it when your car touches 6200 KM would be prudent enough.

Being a Car Loan Defaulter

best time to sell used car

If you are going to become a loan defaulter in some days or months, it is better to sell the car with immediate effect. This would facilitate your long-term financial well-being. Your credit score would remain in the best state and you would keep at bay the defaulters tag.

Buying a car is a taxing task. However, selling a second hand car at the right time is equally unnerving. It demands time, energy, and effort. If you want to avoid wasting your time and get the best price for your second hand car, visit CARS24

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