A Boeing Porsche Flying Car: Is This the Future of Transportation?

A Boeing Porsche Flying Car: Is This the Future of Transportation?

Dev Tyagi
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A Boeing Porsche Flying Car: Is This the Future of Transportation?

Dev Tyagi

We know that the global automobile space is a highly competitive segment, regardless of market leaders and the wide array of new brands that are spicing up this space. We also know that the global automobile market is also one subjected to myriad changes, where change is the only constant. For instance, a decade and a half back in time, who would’ve thought that the pace at which the electric car market is taking shape today would be a reality in the future?

But guess what? At a time where electric vehicles are still making their way into the mainstream of private car ownership, car technology is reaching for the skies, quite literally!

But don’t be confused. If in case you are wondering as to what is happening right now, then it’s best to suggest that embrace for a dynamic electric change several feet up from the ground.

As it turns out, Boeing and Porsche are currently working on developing an electric flying car. Yes, you read that right and here are more details that can help you escape some head-scratching.

Two of the leading firms in the sphere of aerospace and automobile industry are working to develop a one of a kind flying electric car that can both take off and land vertically.

What’s interesting in this enterprising bit of development is that at the present moment, these two widely known brands are jointly working to create a prototype of the futuristic flying electric car.

Several international publications have lapped up what can only be described as a fascinating story and here are some key highlights to note:

Goal of the project:

The ultimate goal is to develop an actual prototype of a flying car. Boeing and Porsche will implement and test a prototype in the near future.

Where do Boeing and Porsche stand on the project, at present:

Both companies are keen to explore the premium urban air mobility market with a flying car.

A look into the future:

Porsche expects the urban air mobility market will take off after 2025.

Not the first time that someone is developing flying electric car:

Truth be told, it’s not the first time that a leading contemporary brand is working on creating a flying electric car. Therefore, it can be stated with much confidence that a few names have already tried to foray into the vastly untouched and futuristic urban air mobility market.

Last year, Uber, whilst presenting at the Elevate summit dazzled the attendees when it presented its “flying car” concept aircraft.

To put it simply, an electric car with wings suspended in thin mighty air would be a phenomenal sight.

Other brands to have stepped into this space:

Apart from Uber, it has been widely documented, a leading German start-up that goes by the name of Lilium also sees a future in the flying cars and has, therefore, already developed a five-seater-jet powered flying car, which has a sensational top speed of 300 km/hr.

The said firm is already targeting to go big in 2025. What’s more? During early-2019, the German firm already successfully tested its vertical take-off and landing in Europe.