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What’s up, guys! Here is our first blog in the Brag Your Ride series. Owning a car is not just about a vehicle to be driven. For some, it’s a social statement and for some, it might be freedom. We understand your connection with your beloved car and that is why we have decided to supply you with ammo that will definitely help you to boast about your Ford Aspire among your family and friends. Not just that, it will also ensure a better resale price when you plan to sell your car.

The Aspire was Ford’s first sub 4-meter compact sedan offering in India. It is based on the new Figo but gets a boot for added practicality. Available in both petrol and diesel engine options, the  Ford Aspire offers segment-best space, a powerful diesel motor and a comfortable ride. Without further ado, here are top 5 bragging rights that come with your ownership of the Ford Aspire:

1. Activating Test Mode On In The Speedometer Console

The owner’s manual will not show this particular car hack. This mode is activated when you switch on the ignition with the trip button pressed continuously. The small LCD display under the speedometer then enters the test mode and shows information like digital speedometer, coolant temperature, digital tachometer, digital fuel level and even error codes. This can be a cool trick to brag about and even show-off to the prospective buyer!

2. Ford Aspire’s My Key

The ‘MyKey’ technology will let you program the keys of the car with restricted driving modes. This is useful when you want your adult kids or the family driver to drive the vehicle with a limited top speed, regulated audio volume and so on. This can be a great USP when you plan to sell your car and the buyer is looking for a car that suits his family’s needs.

3. Highest Power And Torque Figures

The Automatic variant of the Aspire offers the highest power and torque figures. Power is rated at 112 PS at 6300 RPM and 136 Nm of Torque at 4250 Nm. These figures are brilliant enough to lure an enthusiast looking for a car that can outrun the daily traffic and also cruise on the highway.

4. Mileage

At a certified 25.8kmpl, the Diesel variant of Aspire has one of the highest mileage figures in class.  Isn’t this already the best thing ever? Be sure to brag about this when you sell your car

5. Emergency Assistance

The Ford Aspire come with Ford’s ‘Emergency Assistance’ that uses SYNC technology and a Bluetooth-paired phone to automatically call emergency responders in case of an accident. The call will also provide information about your vehicle and current location. This can automatically divert an ambulance stationed nearby to your accident site. It is a very useful feature and you can boast about this when it comes to bargaining for the best price of your car.

Make sure you discuss these points with a prospective buyer of your used Ford Aspire. If the buyer understands all the USPs, it will help you demand a higher price for the car.

Own a different car? Don’t worry; keep following our blog section because we will soon be coming out with the bragging rights for your beloved car too. If you found this article helpful, go ahead and share it with your friends using the buttons below. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below!

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