Crazy Car Bursting Crackers On The Move in Noida Goes Viral

Crazy Car Bursting Crackers On The Move in Noida Goes Viral

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Crazy Car Bursting Crackers On The Move in Noida Goes Viral

Diwali, known as the festival of lights is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by people across India. Diwali festive celebrations mean fireworks in the sky, bursting crackers and binging on delicious food with friends and family.

India is one of the most polluted countries in the world, the respective state governments set deadlines with an allocated time window for bursting crackers in a bid to keep the pollution under check.  On the other hand, the mindset of the masses has changed with a lesser number of people opting to burst firecrackers on Diwali.

A bizarre incident captured on camera in Noida, Uttar Pradesh went viral on the Internet for flouting the rules in style. A Honda City car was spotted driving on the streets with cracker rockets and sky shooters fired from within the car through the sunroof.  The video shows the daredevil act by the occupants of the car which could have turned out to be dangerous for both the people inside the car and the others the roads.

The Noida police tweeted saying they have registered a complaint and investigating the case. The registration number of the Honda City is blurred and not very clear in the video which has made the case challenging to investigate.

Bursting crackers from inside a moving car might look straight out of an action movie scene but it’s extremely dangerous for both the passengers and passerby’ on the road. It just takes a little spark for the car seat, roof liner or the upholstery to catch fire and spread within minutes. The crackers are prone to failure at times, the rocket could have fallen inside the car or could have burst even before it took off in the air.

Every year we read about hundreds of fire accidents during the Diwali which mostly takes place due to negligence and lack of safety equipment. We at CARS24 believe that the incident which took place in UP is extremely dangerous which could have turned out to be fatal especially considering the intensity of the firecrackers shot from the car while in motion. We do hope that strict action will be taken by police in finding and punishing the law-breakers