Car Buyers Insight: Priority Has Changed From Functionality To Form in India

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What’s important at the end of the day, when it comes to an automobile purchase, isn’t the buyer’s decision or discretion alone, but rather what influences that decision. What influences a buyer to acquire a particular form or type of automobile- isn’t it?

And in that regard, it pays to know that the car buyer priority has changed in India. This isn’t a misguiding statement. Nor is this a random observation, rather a feeling that the automotive set-up in a highly dynamic set-up is currently experiencing.

But, of course, the car buyer priority has changed in India also because the end-user of a wagon is constantly evolving as a buyer; recalibrating and re-thinking about the choices available to him or her.

Therefore, it appears that owing to constantly changing tastes and attitudes, the car buying priority has changed in India. As a result of this, the Indian buyers are shifting gears when it comes to making the key choice in purchasing a car.

The above sentiment was evidenced by the JD Power 2019 India Sales Satisfaction Index, which happens to be an elaborate mass-market study.

That said, it is worthwhile to note the key observations made by this study. Read on:

1)One of the key findings of this study is that today, the buyer puts a lot of emphasis on the styling aspect of a car- this refers to the external design and style as well as the internal features. This particular aspect has surged 9 points upward when compared to 2018.

2) Other aspects that are closely followed by the Indian buyer include- performance and reliability of the car- both factors experience a surge of 7 percentage points.

3) Technology, the aforementioned study noted, forms a key basis for the car buyer at the end of the day. This factor evidenced a surge of 5 percentage points.

4) A fundamental aspect of the mass-market study, it could be said, was the relative importance the end-buyer attributed to the price of a car. Whether it is the price or the installment that one has to pay, both experienced a decline of 4 percentage points.

When contacted for some critical observations in this telling study, then JD Power’s Director and Country Head for India, Mr. Kaustav Roy shared, “with clear expectations on vehicle design and features, today’s buyer preferences are shifting from price consciousness to those that are driven by vehicle looks and content.”

That told, it must be asked as to what were the other insights that emanated from this study. What one might find particularly interesting is the fact that today, what underlines the fact that the car buyer priority has changed in India is the aspect of price pressure.

At the end of the day, the pricing factor happens to be the most critical aspect in making a purchase- right? To that end, the study unfolded something that many may not have expected.

It appears that fewer buyers experience sales pressure. Only a small proportion of those covered in the study cited factors such as a vehicle dealer being ‘pushy’ in the process of selling a vehicle.

While this was a big concern in 2018, wherein 22% were irked by the dealer’s behavior, this year, the percentage of people who cited the above issue was left to no more than 15%.

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