How Does a Car Crash Feel At 320 kmph ?

How Does a Car Crash Feel At 320 kmph  ?

Ever wondered what it feels like to travel at 320 kmph or how does a car crash feel at 320 kmph? Well, that’s close to what an F1 driver overtakes at. At such speeds, the world is just a blur. Gnarly and technical tracks are a thrill for some but many get the rush driving top gear on the straights. These thrill seekers pimp up their rides to generate unthinkable levels of power. Ramming the throttle on the drag strip, being pushed back in the seat is what they are after. It must feel like you are on a rocket ship.

What happens when you lose control at such speeds?

A few months ago a chap named Nacho was drag racing down a closed airstrip. He was riding a twin turbo LSX powered 1750hp Chevy Camaro and at about 320 kmph things went sideways. Caught on an in-car camera and a drone, these videos below would give you a fair estimate of how catastrophic can such speeds be. It can be a little disturbing as the unconscious passenger grunts in pain and struggles to get out of the wrecked vehicle.

 Airlifted to a nearby hospital, this violent crash resulted in no fatalities and both the driver and passenger suffered only minor injuries. All thanks to the safety equipment, especially the air bags and roll cage plus the quick to act ground crew present at the scene. The driver astonishingly walked away from the wreckage and we have heard that he even ended up racing again the very next day.

Two happy people in a broken car

Amazingly, they were able to salvage the behemoth engine from what was left of the Camaro which wasn’t much. At CARS24, we too make something out of nothing and we buy accidental cars too! Even the ones beyond repair, saving you the trouble of scraping it, that too in just 30 mins. But the most important thing to take away from this is to always strap on the seat belt. Because being safe is better than being sorry! DRIVE SAFE.


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