Car shaped like Coronavirus unveiled to spread awareness!

Car shaped like Coronavirus unveiled to spread awareness!

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Car shaped like Coronavirus unveiled to spread awareness!

The world has been an unusual place for the past couple of weeks. It has seen unusual events, unusual ailments, and unusual fatalities. At times like these, unusual is the new usual and keeping up with this, a local car museum owner came up with an unusual idea to spread awareness!

A man in Hyderabad has made a car, which looks like coronavirus in an effort to spread awareness among the people about the fatal infection. The coronavirus-themed car is to be used in an awareness campaign, during a government-imposed nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19 virus.

The one-seater car was designed by the owner of the local car museum. Sudhakar, who owns Sudha Cars Museum, said: “It has a 100CC engine. It’s a four-wheeler single-seater car. It can comfortably travel up to 40-km. It took us ten days to prepare this model. I hope we can spread awareness and make people understand to stay indoors.”

The car is green and round, and it mimics the shape of the COVID-19 virus as we understand it. It bears the words ‘Sudha car’ printed at the back, a trademark of Sudhakar. “I am known for making wacky cars on various occasions. Earlier I made condom bike to spread awareness on AIDS, helmet car for head safety, cigarette bike to quit the habit. Now I have made corona shaped car,” he added

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This coronavirus-shaped car will be unveiled today. The prime focus of this activity is to reiterate the importance of staying home and being safe. It will be showcased on the roads of Hyderabad to spread awareness and educate the people about the deadly nature of the disease.

Feature Picture Courtesy: Deccan Herald Newspaper

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