Car Summer Tips | Maintenance of Cars during summer season
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A summer ready vehicle demands attention!

Soon, the really high temperature will become the new norm, at least for a few months. The high temperature during summer season can damage crucial parts of your car that could result in a breakdown. Just as any other machine, your car also deserves a maintenance session every once in a while. Here we list down few car summer tips that  can safeguard your pried possession and make it summer ready:

Car Summer Tips #1 Cooling System

car summer tips

The first car summer tip is actually the most important for its heart. The cooling system act as a shield preventing overheating of your machine. Coolant liquid in the engine should be completely replaced every 24 months. A general recommendation would be to add a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. The radiator cap should be opened with caution, only after the engine has completely cooled off.

Car Summer Tips #2 Air conditioning

car summer tips

During summer months, nothing can quite compare to the pleasurable feel of turning the AC on in your car. However, as much of a comfort factor it is, it requires maintenance at regular intervals. It is highly recommended to get the air conditioning system inspected by a qualified technician at timely intervals.

Most of the presently available cars in the market come with air filters that clean the air entering the AC system. This air filter needs to be replaced according to the driving conditions. You could refer to the owners manual of your car for the correct replacement intervals.

Car Summer Tips #3 Engine Performance

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Here is another car summer tip that is with regards to its engine. The engine performance of your car depends on various filters available within the system which include air filter, oil filter, PCV etc. It is highly recommended to replace such filters according to your driving conditions. More dusty driving conditions would need more frequent filter replacements. Winter and spring months are more prone to dust and debris accumulation. Hence it would be a good idea to change the filters just before the summer months start.

Car Summer tips #4 Tires

car summer tips

Hot weather aggravates heat build up on the tire surface and weakens its structural integrity.  It is recommended to get a wheel alignment done after every 8000km run. Make sure to check the tire pressure before every drive when the tires are cold. An under-inflated is more susceptible to heat build-up due to increased sidewall flexing. Also, make sure to check the condition of the spare tire and carjack toolkit in your boot space. The tires should be regularly inspected for thread life, uneven wear & tear and cuts on the sidewalls.

Car Summer tips #5 Brakes

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Maintenance of the braking system is as important as the maintenance of the engine in your vehicle. High heat levels are the primary cause of brake fade and pad wear-out. Take immediate action if you notice any abnormal noise, longer braking time, grabbing and pulsation because of the braking system in your car. It is highly recommended that wear and tear repair of the braking system should be checked by a skilled technician.

Car Summer Tips #6 Battery

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The battery is a crucial part of your car’s mechanism. Expert studies have shown that excess heat can cause the batteries to die 33% faster than normal. High levels of heat also speed up the corrosion rate exponentially. Always make sure to inspect the wires and connections and scrape away any bits of corrosion. Also check the fluid levels monthly.

It is highly recommended to get professional maintenance done for better battery life of your vehicle. While doing minor maintenance inspection at home, make sure to use protective gear such as eyeglasses and gloves to avoid contact with battery acid and corrosion residue.

Car Sumer Tips #7 Windshield Wipers

car summer tips

Make sure to replace the windshield washer solvent under the car’s hood every now and then. It is mandatory to also keep a check on the wiper blade condition. It should be replaced immediately if any corrosion is inspected. The summer months here are known for experiencing unexpected storms and rain showers. Make sure you are prepared for them by having the windshield wipers in good condition. 

Car Summer Tips #8 Lights

car summer tips

All the lightbulbs on your car should be regularly inspected for burned out bulbs and should be immediately replaced. The lens covers of the headlamps are also highly susceptible to UV ray induced damage during the summer months. You may often notice your car’s headlamp lenses to fog up or turn yellow as peak summers approach. This occurs due to clear coat applied to them fading off. In such an event always ensure that the worn off film is scraped off a new one is applied. 

Car Summer Tips #9 Engine Oil

car summer tips

The engine oil acts as a lubricant for a lot of crucial parts of your car. In summer months, the engine will operate at higher temperatures and may cause the oil to lose it’s viscosity quicker. Make sure to replace engine oils at regular intervals as recommended by the user manual of your car. In case of really hot months, it won’t be a bad idea to opt for an oil with a higher viscosity grade. 

Car Summer Tips #10 Emergency Situations

car summer tips

It is always recommended to carry basic first aid kit, flashlights, and flares during all times while driving. We are hopeful our car summer time will help you keep your car in shape during the extreme temperature conditions. 

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