Top 10 Cars to Buy With Discount Up to 20 Lakhs This Festive Season
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Top 10 Cars to Buy This Diwali With Discount of 5 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs

Dussehra and Diwali are definitely one of the biggest festivals celebrated across the country. The festive season is considered auspicious to buy something new, and the sentiment of buying a new car for Diwali has seen an increase over the years.

How many of you have been dreaming of owning a luxury car?
If you’re one of them and owing a Mercedes, BMW, RangeRover or an Audi has not been ticked off in your bucket list, the time is now!

It is possibly the best time to sell your old car and get yourself a luxury car this Diwali.
The best Diwali offers on cars are undoubtedly in the luxury segment where Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Land Rover are offering discounts ranging from 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs this festive season.

We have compiled a list of luxury cars with maximum discounts available this Dussehra and Diwali.

BMW X1 [Rs 35.20 – 45.70 lakh]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 5 lakh off

The second-generation BMW X1 is powered by a 2.0 litre twin-turbo diesel engine which produces 190Bhp with 400Nm of torque. The X1 is the cheapest SUV from the German carmaker.

Mercedes C-class [Rs 40.10 – 49.75 lakh]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 6 lakh off

The Mercedes C class has been the highest-selling Mercedes sedan in India for over a decade. The current C Class, W205 is available comes with different engine capacities and configuration such as 1.5 litre 4-cylinder petrol, 2.0 litre 4-cylinder petrol, 2.0 litre 4-cylinder diesel, 3.0 litre V6, and 4.0-litre V8 petrol. The Mercedes C Class is a strong rival to the BMW 3 Series and the Jaguar XE. Some of the variants are available with discounts up to 6 lakhs.

BMW 320i (Old Gen-F30) [Rs 39.80 – 45.80 lakh]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 10 lakh off

The BMW 3 series is one of the best selling sedans worldwide, the German carmaker launched the seventh generation 3 series (G20) in India about a month ago. The discontinued sixth-generation BMW 320i petrol is being offered with discounts and benefits of around Rs 10 lakh.

BMW 530i [Rs 59.20 lakh]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 10 lakh off

The current-generation BMW 5 Series with a bigger kidney grille is way more exciting to drive than it’s predecessor. The 2.0-litre turbocharged engine produces around 250hp. The new 5 Series also has a plush interior with fancy gizmo’s.

Audi A6 (Old Gen) [Rs 50.01 – 51.01 lakh]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 10 lakh off Up to Rs 12 lakh off

The mid-size premium sedan, the Audi A6 which is to be discontinued as the new generation A6 is expected to launch soon in India. The previous generation Audi A6 is available with a 1.8 litre petrol and a 2.0 litre diesel variants.

Land Rover Discovery Sport [Rs 44.67 – 61.94 lakh]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 12 lakh off

This Land Rover Discovery Sport is a powered packed SUV which is not only great on the road but also off-road. The Discovery Sport drives really well in treacherous conditions too with great off-road technology and features. Buyers can avail discounts and benefits of up to Rs 12 lakh this festive season.

BMW 630d GT [Rs 68.90 – 73.90 lakh]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 12 lakh off

Another one from the German automaker is available with discount and benefit up to 12 lakhs this festive season. The 6 Series GT has got some serious power with its 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine churning out 265hp with 620Nm torque mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The 630d GT being a big luxury sedan does 0-100 kmph in about 6.1secs.

Audi Q5 [Rs 55.80 – 60.50 lakh]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 12 lakh off

The new Audi Q5 comes with 2.0-litre TDI engine, which makes 187 bhp of max power with 400 Nm torque at 1,750-3,000 rpm. The Q5 comes with an all new 7-speed S tronic automatic transmission which has dampers in the flywheel, making gearshifts even smoother even when driving aggressively. The Q5 does 0-100 kmph in 7.8 seconds. The Audi Q5 is available with discounts and benefits up to 12 lakhs.

Mercedes Benz S 350d [Rs 1.36 crore]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 15 lakh off

The S Class is the epitome of luxury with 3.0-litre diesel engine producing 285 horses under the hood. The Mercedes S Class has plush interiors loaded with technology.  Mercedes dealers are offering discounts of around Rs 15 lakh for the S 350d, which is a flagship variant.

BMW 730Ld (Pre-facelift) [Rs 1.22 – 1.35 crore]

Festive Discount: Up to Rs 18 lakh off

The BMW 7 Series is a powered by a 6 cylinder 3 litre diesel engine mated to an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission with paddle-shift. The car is one of the technologically advanced sedans in the country. The current 7 series is a facelift version with a bigger kidney grille! The old 7 series is available with a discount and benefits up to 18 lakhs.

With discount and benefits anywhere between 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs depending on the variant and availability there cannot be a better time to welcome home a shiny new luxury car!

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