CARS24 Introduces Car Servicing at Competitive Prices

CARS24 Introduces Car Servicing at Competitive Prices

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CARS24 Introduces Car Servicing at Competitive Prices

As a part of our rapid expansion strategy and our journey to become the largest Auto Tech Company, we at CARS24 recently launched Car Servicing with Doorstep Pick and Drop facilities in Gurgaon. 

We provide a range of car services like regular maintenance, AC service, electrical service, wheel balancing & alignment service for Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs, MPVs, and Luxury cars of all top brands, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Volkswagen W, Skoda, Honda, Tata, Kia, MG, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Jaguar to name a few. Our Car Buddy is well trained to safely pick your car from your location, get it serviced, and drop it back within a day.

Why Choose CARS24 Car Service?

Sit Back & Relax! While Our Experts Take Care of Your Car.

Contactless Pickup & Drop.

On the Day of your appointment, our Car Buddy visits your location, while our Virtual Service Advisor takes you through our service process and also takes inputs from you on the work to be carried out on your car, and personally drives your car to the service center.

Competitive Pricing.

CARS24 introductory price for car service packages is one of the lowest in the country currently with Nano prices starting at Rs. 1299. Our basic service package is priced as low as Rs. 1749, which includes a complete car wash with interior vacuuming, engine oil drain & replacement, oil filter replacement, glow/spark plug check, air filter cleaning, coolant top-up, and topping up of fluids for battery and windshield washer. The basic service package is recommended every 3 months or 10,000kms (whichever is first).

Our standard service package starts at Rs. 2300, it includes complete car scanning to rectify error codes or identify faulty sensors (if any), complete brake system service – front brake, rear brake pad/liner service, brake fluid top-up, cleaning of AC/ cabin filter along with all the services in the basic package. The standard service package is recommended every 3 months or 10,000kms (whichever is first)

CARS24 Car Service Package Prices

Our premium service package starts at Rs. 3899. The package includes all services offered in the standard package, along with throttle body cleaning for better mileage, transmission (gearbox) oil top-up for smoother shifts, wheel balancing, alignment, and tyre rotation for better handling and longer tyre life.

You will receive an SMS and an Email notification when your car is checked in for service.

Quality Assurance

Once your car is at the service center, in case of additional repairs (not included in the package) you will receive a call from our Service Advisor to consult you on it.  We will proceed with the work only after your approval.

Quality is our top priority, your car service and repairs are conducted under expert supervision by experienced technicians.  Post completion, the expert inspects the repaired and replaced parts, and takes the car for a test drive to ensure that every task on the job card is completed. No car leaves the service center without passing the Final Assurance Check by our Car Expert.

We only recommend repairs and replacements after diagnosing the root cause of the problem, unnecessary part replacements and services are not entertained. We also do not replace entire assembly’s when components within it can be replaced. This saves our customers a lot of money.

Easy Payment

Unlike most car services, We do not take Upfront Payment. The payment information will be shared with you during your interaction with our Service Advisor. After the service of your car, you receive an email and SMS confirming the amount that needs to be paid. You can conveniently make the balance payment before the car is delivered.

Same Day Delivery

Regular maintenance and servicing of the car take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the selected package, your car is typically delivered on the same day as the pickup. In case of major additional repairs, the delivery timeline may vary according to the task.

During the delivery, our Service Advisor will explain to you about the car service in detail and he will answer any questions pertaining to it.

How do I book for Cars24 Car Service?

Book an appointment through our Website

Give a Missed Call on +91 74289 97084 to schedule a Pickup for Your Car Service.

Click Here & Say Hi to book an appointment for your car service.

Note: Currently, CARS24 is offering this service in Gurgaon only and more cities are set to join this list in the future.

Last but not least: We are offering a Special Discount of 10 % for our first 500 customers.