CARS24’s Newest Campaign Reveals the ‘MS Dhoni’ Proven Formula to Buy Top Quality Cars
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Our Newest Campaign Reveals the ‘MS Dhoni’ Proven Formula to Buy Top Quality Cars

CARS24 just launched its newest campaign ‘MRL Pass Toh Gaadi First Class’ featuring captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Our campaign focuses on the recently launched Mega Refurbishment Labs (MRLs) and highlights the brand’s commitment to provide quality pre-owned cars to our customers. The campaign will go live on television and across all the social media handles of CARS24.

Based on the recently conducted CARS24-IPSOS Study, quality is the most important factor in a buyer’s purchasing journey. In line, the campaign brings focus to the solutions by CARS24 that make the buying process seamless while ensuring top notch quality cars.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy (North), MS Dhoni along with the massive MRLs emerge as the heroes in the film. MS Dhoni is seen in this unique avatar of a rapper for the first time. Dhoni raps to explain the MRL throughout the film with visuals of various checks done on a car at the MRLs.

“More than ever, we recognize people in India want to own a car with quality being the biggest driver of purchase. Through this campaign, we want to reinforce the messaging of our consistent efforts to bring a whole new world of quality cars to even more consumers. At CARS24 we have invested in India’s largest refurbishment facilities, the Mega Refurbishment Labs, which use best-in-class systems, processes and technology to deliver quality cars that, together with our warranty and customer friendly return policies, will ensure an outstanding customer experience. And it was only fitting to use the best of cricket and a known car fanatic – MS Dhoni- to endorse the best in the pre-owned car industry; as he is definitely one of India’s most celebrated icons of performance, trust and dependability.”

Sudhir Shukla, Chief Marketing Officer (India), CARS24.

The film is themed around ‘quality’ targeting young buyers, with Dhoni making this point in a light hearted yet fun manner. The rap-like treatment to the film and the continuous use of the word ‘check’ makes one want to play the film on loop– it has the potential to become an earworm.

“Since its early days, CARS24 has envisioned transforming the used-car industry. It has been a pioneer in shaping the industry while enabling customers to make the transition to buy cars online. The company is revolutionizing the category beyond Indian waters and has showcased its merit globally as they continue to expand further. I am delighted to be associated with a company that is here to make a difference with a consumer centric approach, ensuring they offer the best to their customers.”

M.S Dhoni on CARS24’s newest AD film.

CARS24 has recently launched seven company-owned refurbishment centres called Mega Refurbishment Labs (MRLs) in key metro markets of Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune. These MRLs, India’s largest vehicle refurbishment facilities, have been set up across 35 acres of land with the aim of providing buyers with access to high quality used cars coupled with warranty through a trusted channel.

CARS24 is building a gold standard for the quality of used cars in India- the convergence of disruptive technology driven state-of-the-art facilities will transform the pre-owned auto industry and thus, fill the standardization and benchmarking gap prevalent in the industry. The release of the ‘MRL Pass Toh Gaadi First Class’ campaign supports CARS24’s commitment to providing best quality cars.

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