CARS24 stands for ‘Customers First’

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Customers are the most important wheel of our ride that keep us driving on the right road of success.

It is the trust, belief, and cooperation of our customers that have made us the most preferred car selling platform in India. A simple positive feedback from our customers is like a pat on our back that conveys – “Good Job”. The love we receive from our customers’ end is what fuels us and keeps us on our toes round the clock. And, there is so much to learn from our respected customers that help us improve and enhance with the passing of each day.

While we were swarming through the clutters of the used car selling market in India, it gave us the chance to meet hundreds and thousands of customers, each unique and distinguished. Initially, we could comprehend only a couple of reasons why a car owner would decide to sell his or her car. However, as time elapsed, while marching towards our mission of streamlining the unorganized used car market in India we learned about the countless reasons due to which customers sell their car.

And, we realized that we have become a part of their life.

This is the platform where we will express our gratitude towards them for appreciating our work and making us realize that we are on the right path. It is the onset of our thanks-giving to those who matter the most – Our Customers!



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