CARS24 1st TVC Featuring Boman Irani Is Already Winning Hearts- Watch It Here - All About Buying & Selling of Used Cars, New Car Launches

CARS24 1st TVC Featuring Boman Irani Is Already Winning Hearts- Watch It Here

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CARS24 1st TVC Featuring Boman Irani Is Already Winning Hearts- Watch It Here

How many  TV advertisements have you seen till date? More importantly, how many of them do you recall? You can not forget an advertisement which had a unique tone, a unique phrase or a unique concept. It’s all about uniqueness that registers a long lasting memory in our head and heart. CARS24  launched one such advertisement featuring Boman Irani. The ad is indeed a treat to the eyes but, a lot of thought and ideation went in to get a beautifully carved out masterpiece. This story was developed by Happy McGarry Bowen and they did a marvelous job in explaining what CARS24 actually stands for.

We, at CARS24, provide an efficient and reliable way for car owners to sell their car at the best price. This is what we decided to show in our ad. Since it is not easy to gain the trust of the customers easily as many platforms claim to buy cars at the best price, we explained the entire process of getting the best price and this is  for the first time that CARS24 has shared its secret sauce of getting the best price to a customer who is looking forward to selling car. Boman Irani adds a special touch to the concept of CARS24. Not just this much, Boman got so impressed by the concept that he happily became the brand endorser.

CARS24 is truly revolutionary and disrupting India’s used car market rapidly. The online used car category is full of suspicions and second guessing and CARS24 provides one stop solution for all these problems ensuring you always get the best price for your car.

Lights, Camera, Action:

The ad starts with Boman getting pissed off on his set during a usual shoot and the reason for the anger is online buyers who are still negotiating for the price of the car Boman wants to sell. One of his counterparts, suggests him to try CARS24 and here it is established that at CARS24 you can sell your car and it is not a buying platform for customers.

Boman Irani in CARS24 ad

Then Boman visits CARS24 branch claiming that he knows the best price for his car and the retail guy tells him politely that the price which he claims is a fake price which is given vaguely by many businesses in the industry. The best price will be given to him after the physical inspection of his car. The inspection is shown in the same way it is carried out at the branches, that is, with all the modern gadgets with the up to date technology. This was a good way to convey that there are branches where you need to get your car inspected in order to get the highest price.

Boman Irani in CARS24 ad

Boman challenges that if he actually gets the right price, he will shave off his mustache.

Boman Irani in CARS24 ad

Then the process of live online auction begins, wherein the car is live on auction and Boman gets the best price. Boman agrees to the best price offered and money is instantly transferred into his account.  Short and sweet, how many such companies exist?

Boman Irani in CARS24 ad

Boman not only came as the best fit for celebrity endorsement, he genuinely believed in the idea of CARS24.  Also, as rightly said by a star marketer Avinav,

Boman Irani was regarded by customers as a self-made man who would “call a spade a spade”. Since he also understands our process in-depth, is a car lover and knows the pains of selling cars, he became the perfect fit to “investigate” the CARS24 process.

Boman Irani in CARS24 ad

This TV ad is not only informative but lives up to the expectation of entertaining a normal customer. Not only this much, CARS24 is in news for their first venture into the TV ad category.

  1. Adgully featured CARS24 by writing an article about CARS24
  2. This league was also joined by Afaqs .com as they featured CARS24 ad on their website
  3. Among the articles that were written, ET Brand Equity wrote a beautiful piece on the TV ad of CARS24
  4. There was one more impactful featuring that CARS24 got on the Advertising Age website 
  5. Best media info featured CARS24 too on their website
  6. The featuring stories don’t just end here, CARS24 also got featured in Social Samosa
  7.  Also, how can we forget that CARS24 also featured on TVnews4u
  8. Business standard also featured CARS24 for the TV campaign

Not just these features, but through the efforts of all the teams, the flag of CARS24 flies higher and higher with each passing day and when there are not so good days, a driving force is always there, saying “try, try, try”!

Boman Irani in CARS24 ad

Boman Irani was elated by learning about CARS24, you can learn more and sell your car to CARS24 too. Just dial 1800112233 🙂

You can also check out the other versions of the advertisement as we have two more ads made for the customers:

  • The short and sweet ad

  • The extended cut

So how did you like the ad? We would like to hear from you!