CARS24 Celebrates Year End With The New TVC Featuring Boman Irani- #BechneWalaPrice - All About Buying & Selling of Used Cars, New Car Launches

CARS24 Celebrates Year End With The New TVC Featuring Boman Irani- #BechneWalaPrice

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CARS24 Celebrates Year End With The New TVC Featuring Boman Irani- #BechneWalaPrice

CARS24 is again live in action on the national television, with the new TV ad featuring Boman Irani. As the year-end is lit for all the automobile companies, CARS24 took it a notch up by launching the TVC. Going two years strong, our company aims at revolutionizing the used car industry.

The TV ad is the true depiction of the what we stand for. Let’s admit it, we all have been at that stage of life, where we thought of selling a car and imagining all the hassles involved alone has sent chills down the spine.

No matter what type of car you own, or how big or small it is, selling is always a hassle. The new TV ad features Boman Irani as a boxing instructor who wants to sell his car. Someone as distinguished and powerful as a boxing champ has to ask for best price and lower down his ego in front of prospect car buyer. This is where the ad addresses what is exactly wrong with the car selling process throughout the country.

Boman asking for the price of the car

We bow down to get the best price and settle for what we are offered after someone just glances at the car or just rides it. Some people take it too far by treating your vehicle the way they want to in the name of “inspecting” it. Doesn’t it make one lose their mind? All these test rides, pesky calls, pleading in front of someone for the price, pending documentation, visiting or entertaining buyers time and again, and what not?

Get the best price for your car

But, as you must have seen in the ad above, CARS24  rescues Boman. A simple process of booking an appointment, inspection by professionals with the help of modern day technology and devices, simplified online bidding price till you get your #BechneWalaPrice, CARS24 has everything planned and sorted for you.

Not all superheroes wear capes, some come simply with normal solutions to simplify your life. If you’re looking for your knight in the shining armour who can rescue you from your car selling problems, look no further. Book an appointment today or call us at 1800-11-22-33  🙂