Chinese Manufacturer Geely reveals an SUV that prevents Coronavirus!

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The Coronavirus hasn’t only proved fatal for people all over the world, but also wreaked havoc for the automotive industry. As per the government, there is no reason one should panic. This panic is, however, amplified by a few brands who like to monetize on everything that trends. Though morally inhumane, this definitely provides a boost to the business. 

Something similar was done by the Chinese car manufacturer Geely. Geely decided to fit their latest SUV with an N95 level of air filtration system that can prevent viruses and bacterias from entering the cabin. This move will supposedly keep the occupants inside the cabin “safe” from this virus. Now, we are not sure about how accurate this claim is as it hasn’t been proved if the filtration system can indeed filter out the COVID-19 virus.

Geely has already received 30,000 pre-orders for this SUV. The ICON was showcased as a concept car in 2018 at the Beijing Auto Show. (Wait, did Geely predict this virus beforehand?, stay tuned for the next episode of The X-files). 

Geely Auto Group President and CEO, An Conghui said “Geely ICON’s launch not only showcases the core strength of Geely’s global development network, but it also shows our forward-thinking and demonstrates the high-tech digital future we are all moving toward. It represents Geely’s leap from merely meeting user demands to creating leading trends. Just as the Geely ICON will become a new icon for global SUVs, Geely Auto will also become an icon in terms of automotive technologies and global auto brands”

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