CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel - Which Car Should You Buy? -
7 Jan 2019

CNG vs Petrol Vs Diesel Cars – Which One Should You Opt For?

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CNG vs Petrol Vs Diesel Cars – Which One Should You Opt For?


There have been uncountable numbers of advertisements that talk about the cons of riding personal cars. Several campaigns have been on air and on TV that talk about car-pooling as a solution to the ever increasing and alarming issue of air pollution. After all, riding personal cars, with only 1 person sitting in a 4-5 seater vehicle, is not a prudent act. Also, with the ever increasing petrol diesel prices, it becomes even more of an ordeal. Nonetheless, if not decrease the number of cars on road, what we can least do is switch to a more environment-friendly fuel to reduce the carbon footprint. Let’s talk about which fuel is better – CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel Car!

CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel -

Here’s a detailed overview of the vehicle fuels CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel

CNG vs Diesel vs Petrol – Which Fuel will be the best for you?

Buying a car is a very crucial decision of one’s life. After all the society does not leave but definitely judges you according to the model, make, brand, size, and cost of your car. However, it will be better if you to negate such judgments from your mind and purchase a car that would be more useful to you rather than to the gossip mongers, who get a tea time conversation topic. Before taking the car purchasing decision, ask your self the following questions:

  • Why do I need a car? (To go to the office and back home, to go for long road trips, or just for the sake of societal norms.)
  • Which type of fuel will be best for me in terms of savings? (CNG vs Diesel vs Petrol Engine)
  • Which fuel will ensure my car remains in a good condition for a long time? (CNG vs Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engine)
  • Do I need a very big car or a small one will suffice my needs?

The answers to the above questions should govern your car purchasing decision and help you make your take – among CNG vs Petrol Car vs Diesel Car.

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CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel – Fuel Efficiency

CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel - Fuel Efficiency -

Here is the present cost of Fuels in India.*

Petrol –  Rs. 78.57 Per Litre

Diesel – Rs. 70.26 Per Litre

CNG – Rs. 40.61 Per Kg

*Fuel prices vary from city to city. Hence, bear in mind to compare fuel prices of the same places and never mix the prices in two different areas.

Buying a diesel car is the most expensive. Onan average, its cost would be approximately Rs. 2 Lakh higher in Ownership than a Petrol variant car.

Also, CNG car costs approximately 85 thousand to 90 thousand more than a petrol car.

CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel Price – Car Purchasing Feasibility

Not so frequent Driving: If your car will run less than 500 Kms in a month (i.e. 5000 to 70000 kms in a year) then is it viable to buy a Petrol car.

Normal or Average Driving: If your car will run for about 800 – 1000 kms a month (i.e. 10,000 to 12,000 kms a Year) then CNG cars would prove to be more economical for you.

For a little above average driving: If your car will run in between 12000 to 14000 (i.e. 15,000 to 16,000 kms a year) then again, CNG would be an ideal fuel choice.

For high road driving: If your car will run for more than 2000 kms or more in a single month (i.e. 20000 kms in a year) then close your eyes and go for a diesel variant. It will help you save a lot on fuel costs and other upfront and maintenance costs.

Here are the pros and cons of CNG, Petrol, and Diesel fuel types which will help you understand them in a better manner.

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CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel: PROS

CNG Cars Diesel Cars Petrol Cars
Lowest running costs compared to Diesel and Petrol Overall very low running cost Priced lowest among CNG and Diesel (No fitment is required.)
Go Green Gas – best for the environment. Long-term running as compared to Petrol or CNG No degrading performance of Engine. Lowest Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
Can run on both CNG and Petrol due to the presence of Retro Fitted CNG Fuel combustion is fast leading to a stronger pickup No alternate gas kit is required – thus low maintenance.

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CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel: CONS

CNG Cars Diesel Cars Petrol Cars
Small capacity of CNG Cylinders (Max 12 Kg with 85% usage) Upfront payment is expensive. High running cost, high fuel cost
Low pickup Regular maintenance and spare parts are costlier Lower Pep (Torque) in Engine Performance
Take a lot of Boot Space as the size of a CNG Kit is comparatively huge Higher Noise and Vibration level compared to Petrol Cars
Lack of fuel stations and refueling is time-taking
Long-term reliability of ownership is less if CNG fitment is not Fitter in Branded Factory

If you had doubts between CNG or petrol or diesel, we hope that we made it clear to you which fuel type car you should opt for. In case, you are wondering what to do with your present vehicle, you can sell your used car at CARS24 for the best price.

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