Coronavirus Lockdown: Bollywood Car And Bike Action Movies To Watch

Coronavirus Lockdown: Top Bollywood Car And Bike Action Movies To Watch

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Coronavirus Lockdown: Top Bollywood Car And Bike Action Movies To Watch

Bollywood and action are a match made in heaven. Every action buff knows that bikes and cars flying off in the background while the hero suavely power walks in the forefront is a trope synonymous with Bollywood classics!

With the lockdown in effect, passing the time is quite a difficulty. Even though we can’t enjoy the thrill of chases and the rubber burning on the road right now (stay home and stay safe everyone), we can sure as hell enjoy the next best thing! If you’re anything like me, you must be looking for ways to quench your thirst for some cheesy goodness. Here are a few cheesy, absolutely and thoroughly enjoyable, nostalgic and straight-up blockbusters that Bollywood has to offer to make this quarantine a little easy.

The Dhoom Franchise


The Dhoom franchise has been a part of almost every desi kids’ lives, be it dancing to the tunes of Dhoom Machale, or dreaming of Ali’s bikes, or even making fun of *that* Hrithik Roshan scene. The dynamic duo of Action and Bollywood would have been pretty much non-existent if it hadn’t been for the OG dynamic duo of Jai and Ali! Suave and dorky as well as serious and hilarious, these two complement each other in a way that made our hearts soar and our stomachs hurt, from all the chuckles of course. Revisit this absolute classic for all the feels!

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I know. But hear me out. It may not be the greatest movie out there, might even be far far far down this list. But, all things considered, it is a pretty decent watch. The action is okay, the car sequences are bearable and I know this doesn’t dole out a strong case for this flick, but the actors did a pretty good job! And the songs are really really addictive. It is just a bumpy drive (sorry but I had to) but its still pretty good. Go ahead, give it a try, please and thank you!

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Taarzan: The Wonder Car

Ferrari Ki Sawari

90s kids know. They just know. This was THE movie back in the day. The storyline was truly bizarre but we lapped it up (AI who?), and quite frankly, we still would. The underdog rising up after his own invention doubles as a fantastic superhero AND a wingman? Sign. Me. Up. The car in itself was a wonder. I wish my car was this cool. Go ahead and watch this beauty, if not for the plot, then definitely for the pure, sheer nostalgia!

Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Us Indians just love the movies that tug at our heartstrings just a little. This father-son dramedy is less about the car but more about the emotions, the love, and the equation they both share. And cricket, somehow. And also the car because how could it not, it is literally about Sachin Tendulkar’s Ferrari. Check it out for a super fun storyline and great acting and if you wanna cry just a little bit.

The Race Franchise


Yes, this is the one we all have been waiting for. You thought I’d leave this out? No, I won’t do you like that! The Race franchise has been one of the most loved franchises of all time. The drama, the politics, the tension; ooooh. And yes, the cars flying off in the background and the evil scheming are the best parts of the movie, don’t @ me. Get your popcorn because this franchise will keep you on the edge of your seat, get ready to jam to ‘Allah Duhai Hai’ and watch the series to keep all the quarantine blues at bay. Well, watch all of them but Race 3. It’s trash. My opinion is my opinion, none of your opinion.

Happy watching guys! Remember to stay home and stay safe!

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