Coronavirus Test: Drive Through COVID-19 Test Begins in Delhi

Coronavirus Test: Drive Through COVID-19 Infection Test Begins in Delhi

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Coronavirus Test: Drive Through COVID-19 Infection Test Begins in Delhi

The last few weeks has been really difficult, the Coronavirus outbreak has affected most of the world including India, the shortage of testing facilities for the COVID-19 virus has been around in the News for weeks now.

In a first, a private lab in Delhi will have a drive-through testing facility for COVID-19 infection. Starting April 6, Dr Dang Path Labs will be conducting tests for the novel Coronavirus at Punjabi Bagh in West Delhi.

According to reports by the Indian Express, a private lab in West Delhi has turned a 40 meter long stretch into a Coronavirus testing facility; only one car with a maximum of two patients is allowed to pass through the drive-through COVID-19 virus testing area at a time.

In order to get the Drive Through Coronavirus test done, the patient has to follow a set of guidelines which include a prescription from a doctor recommending the patient to undergo the COVID-19 test along with the doctor’s registration number provided by the Indian Medical Council. The patient will need to provide a Proforma (for the sake of form) request form which is available online along with ID cards such as Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc. The patient also needs to furnish information such as vehicle registration number, make, model and color of the car he or she is driving to the Coronavirus testing facility.

The Coronavirus drive-through test will 4 steps in four stations set up the lab.

Drive Through Coronavirus Test

Step 1: The car will pass through the first station consisting of instruction signages and the name of the private lab, the patient is expected to keep the window and drive through.

Step 2: A trained personnel wearing protective equipment (PPE) will verify the vehicle details – registration plate, colour, make and model of the car along with ID check for personal identification.

Step 3: The main Coronavirus test will be conducted in this station. The personnel wearing a PPE with the signage “Roll Down Window”, a swab will be collected from the patient.

Step 4: The patient rolls up the window and drives away from the fourth and last station.

A patient who wants to undergo the drive through COVID-19 test has to book an appointment prior to visiting the facility in West Delhi. The patient will receive an acknowledgment in PDF format that will provide the necessary guidelines to undergo the Coronavirus test. A maximum of two patients are allowed in a single car and the cost for test per patient is Rs4500.

This test is only applicable to cars, two-wheelers and taxi are strictly not allowed in the drive-through COVID-19 virus test.

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