Unlock 1.0: States That Require Travel Permit, E-passes for Travel by Road, Air & Rail

Unlock 1.0: States That Require Travel Permit, E-passes for Travel by Road, Air & Rail

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Unlock 1.0: States That Require Travel Permit, E-passes for Travel by Road, Air & Rail

With lockdown 5.0 in effect, the central government has tweaked the travel restrictions, both within the stat and interstate travel to any part of the country. Calling it the “Unlock 1.0”, the government has eased on some restrictions pertaining to going out and especially travel in an effort to slowly restore things back to normal.

A chief difference in the rules of the previous lockdown and the current one is the removal of prohibitions on interstate travel. The central government nodded to the fact that in the unlock, people are free to travel by road, rail, and by air between states and do so even without special permits or e-passes. However, even though the central government has okayed this, the final authority will lie with the respective state governments.

The local government would have the final say in regards to an individual’s movement to and from its geography. The public will have to, therefore, keep in mind the restrictions and rules imposed by the local authorities and state governments.

Here’s a list to help you decide which interstate travel will require an e-pass for any forthcoming travel plan. This pertains to non-essential travel as essential workers and travel has been allowed in all states.

1. Delhi: The local government in the country’s national capital will monitor the borders to keep the increasing coronavirus cases in check. Thus, if you are heading to Delhi or planning to get out of Delhi, you will need the appropriate authority’s permission. The Delhi govt has reopened its borders with neighbouring states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana; and hence a travel pass is not required to travel between Delhi and Gurgaon, Noida.

2. Rajasthan: Rajasthan state government has said that for the next one week, people traveling out of the state will need a movement pass, whereas those entering Rajasthan will need an NOC issued by the district magistrate or superintendent of police of the respective state.

Rajasthan – Apply for e pass

3. Chattisgarh: The state’s government continues to restrict interstate movement without a travel e pass. Thus permission is mandatory.

Apply Travel Pass for Chattisgarh

4. Maharashtra: With Maharashtra being the most affected state in India, and its numbers even surpassing China, the local government continues to restrict interstate travel. However, special trains ferrying migrants and people stranded in other states are exempted from this ban. 

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5. Tamil Nadu: As the second most affected state in the country, Tamil Nadu has announced a complete lockdown in Chennai, Chengalpet, Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts from June 19 to June 30, not lifted any restrictions for travel. E-pass will be issued to interdistrict travel only for marriage, medical, and death with relevant documents.

Apply for E-Pass – Tamilnadu Inter District Travel

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6. Meghalaya: Even though it is among the least affected by COVID-19, the Meghalaya government has not eased on both interstate and interdistrict travel to avoid the risk of exposure.

Apply for Travel Pass Meghalaya

7. Mizoram: The state has decided to retain restrictions on interstate movement even though it is affected minimally by the virus to prevent unnecessary spread.

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8. West Bengal: The WB government has not announced that the restrictions have been lifted but those who have been traveling noticed that having an e-pass is thoroughly recommended for interdistrict movement. Thus it is only fair to assume that the same may be requires got interstate travel as well.

Apply for Inter state & Inter district Travel passes West Bengal

9. Karnataka: The government of Karnataka has allowed both inter state and inter district travel without the need of an e-pass. But it is mandatory to register on Sevasindhu portal to enter Karnataka.

Register for Karnataka Travel – Sevasindhu