The importance of customer experience and satisfaction at Cars24

Customer Experience; A way of life at Cars24

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Customer Experience; A way of life at Cars24

A great Customer Experience stems from great Service.

Planning to sell a car? There are a lot of things that come to mind when we think of selling our car. They range from the right price, a trustworthy buyer, post-sale troubles or even hassle-free money transfer to name a few. We at CARS24,  India’s leading online platform for the used car market, have tried to offer a smoother and a better transition- a streamlined process instead of a chaotic and unorganized one.

How We Work

CARS24 works in a way to provide the best possible outcome for the customer. When a customer visits our branch, we help them to obtain the best price of their asset. We believe that their product is of chief importance. CARS24 is unique in its approach to the process of selling one’s car. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and speed, as we present the customer with the optimum price for their vehicle. We achieve this feat within an hour, as opposed to a process that could take even months. With our stable network of over 12000+ channel partners PAN India, we make sure that the customers receive the price best suited for their vehicles.

Our strict quality control process helps to land on the best price for the product. Technical inspection is an inherent part of the CARS24 business model. Prior to the auction, a proper inspection takes place. That refers to a stringent 180 point examination, with special attention to all the parameters to ensure a quality product. We even provide instant payment and free RC transfer to ensure a smooth journey. Even though we stress on a transparent process, we never compromise on the customer’s privacy. We aim for direct interaction with minimal tampering to assure customers of the premium product which supersedes all expectations. We are expanding supersonically and with this rate of growth, the one thing that keeps us going and helps us to sustain longer is Customer Experience.

The Customer Journey

The journey of a customer at CARS24 is broadly divided into three phases: Before, During and  After the transaction occurs.

Before: We live in a digital age and this, of course, alters the customer experience a tad bit. The process begins even before direct interaction occurs. It begins when the customer plans to sell their car. For a better experience, we have tried matching customer expectations by giving an estimated price with the help of a one of its kind interface. It helps the customer calculate the price of their car even before coming to the showroom. We also walk them through the complete list of required documents for an appointment and help them every step of the way for an overall positive user affair.
During: This is the most crucial stage. Our in-branch process is inclusive of four steps, CheckIn, Inspection, Auction, and Deal Closure. We ensure transparency of the process for every customer. We stress on employee satisfaction, so we at Cars24 along with improving customer experience ensure that our retail team is equally motivated to deliver our values.
After: After a successful appointment, the post-sale services begin. That includes the complete transaction, instant payment, and RC transfer. We have a dedicated team that looks after the same and ensures that customers have a complete hassle-free journey at Cars24.

Customer Experience at CARS24

As quoted by Jeff Bezos, the CEO, and founder of Amazon (which leads the board for outstanding customer experience across the world), “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful” and this is where we, the Customer Experience team, come into play.

We as part of the team at Cars24, are the voice of customers. Our understanding of the seller-buyer dynamic is that it should be, first and foremost, a mutually beneficial relationship. Both, the seller and the buyer, are our first priority and that is why we at CARS24 place immense value in customer experience and feedback. This philosophy binds the customer and the employee together to create success, welfare and most importantly, dreams. Be it any process update or a product launch, we ensure that all the facets that will impact the customer are brought to the table. They are backed by data and facts based on real customer interactions, feedback, and concerns. We strive to provide a close-knit network of experts working to elevate and improve customer experience. Our chief priority is the customer and we place value in quality, which is reflected in our work ethic.

A machine is nothing without its well-oiled cogs and our team works tirelessly to provide nothing short of the best to each customer. Our vision is steeped in a better future for our customers. Keeping that in mind, we integrate both technology-driven user experience and an omnipresent human touch. Our core philosophy is that the user experience should be smooth and less an obligation, but a belief to strongly uphold. The customer relations department works diligently to ensure that no grievance and/or feedback goes unnoticed and all questions are answered with utmost accuracy. We also take into consideration the ever-increasing digitization and thus hope to incorporate an E-Documentation portal for the customer’s convenience. In hopes to be tech-savvy, and frankly an anticipated move for the online used-car market, we are trying to launch a private login for all CARS24 customers. It would lead to more personalized user experience across all platforms including the website and the app.

Customer Experience is irrevocably linked to the very essence of CARS24 and we only hope to grow and achieve new heights with the love and feedback of those who have joined the CARS24 family.

Curated by: Saumya Chopra