"Don’t manufacture in China and sell here. Make in India," Gadkari to Musk
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“Don’t manufacture in China and sell here. Make in India,” Gadkari to Musk

Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday made a statement welcoming Tesla owner Elon Musk to manufacture in India. Mr. Gadkari said that Musk is welcome to manufacture and sell his range of EVs in India. 

However, Gadkari advised Musk against manufacturing in china and then selling in India. “But he cannot manufacture in China and sell in India. That would not be a good proposition,” Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Tuesday.

“Our request to Musk is – come to India and manufacture in India. We can reduce the cost. Come to India and start manufacturing. India is a huge market. There are ports available. Export will not be a problem.”

The Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways said on Tuesday.

This comes after Musk had previously expressed concerns over the high tariffs required to import its vehicles to India. Tesla had shown interest in importing and selling its electric vehicles in India. The company had asked for lower costs and urged the government for over a year for the same. The government had denied this request citing that our current tax structure supported the prices and didn’t require altering.