Meeting strangers was the best part about his old car - Mr. Naresh said
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Emotionally, It Was Not Easy to Sell My Old Car – First One After My Marriage


Although it might sound stupid but yes, people become emotional when they set out to sell their old car. It’s like having a breakup with your girlfriend or boyfriend. A series of memories flash in front of your eyes and it becomes all the more difficult if the concerned is your first car, just after your marriage.

Mr. Naresh Sajnani, visited our Cyber City branch to sell his very dear Ford Aspire. This car was bought just after his marriage and he went for several long trips with his beloved wife. He did not face any issues while selling the old car but the emotional drive was making him think twice.

On a heart-to-heart conversation with Mr. Rahul Malik, RA at Cyber City Branch, this is what Mr. Naresh Sajnani had to say,

old car selling problem

“I remember the Delhi-Jaipur trip with my wife. The best part about the trip was hitchhiking. We met a number of people, who belonged to different regions and religions, who were looking for free rides. Out of the 5 people we offered a ride, 2 were American film makers who had come to Jaipur to shoot a documentary on Rajasthan. They were impressed with the Incredible India campaign and wanted to do something on similar lines.”

Naresh - Selling old car

Mr. Naresh did not want to sell his car at the first instance but he was a practical man. He was impressed with the pricing given by CARS24 and did not want to miss the opportunity. He said,

“Emotions are a part of our lives but we should not get swayed by them. It is important to remain realistic in life. I have met many people because of this car and wish whoever takes his car from me keeps the ritual going.”

Well, as a brand we feel happy that Mr. Naresh Sajnani gave us an opportunity to connect with him. We wish him all the luck in life.

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