Bike Explodes In Andhra Pradesh, Fifth Incident This Week
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Motorcycle Catches Fire And Explodes In Andhra Pradesh, Fifth Such Incident In The Past Week

A Royal Enfield motorcycle suddenly caught fire and exploded in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, adding to the list of recent two-wheelers erupting in spontaneous fires. There are videos of the incident going viral on Twitter. The incident took place outside a temple where the new bike was parked, sources say. 

Mr. Ravichandra purchased the new vehicle and drove all the way from Mysuru to the  Nettikanti Anjaneya Swamy temple in the Guntakal Mandal. As he went inside to offer his prayers, the bike caught on fire and exploded in the street. In the video uploaded to social media, the spectators on the side of the road are visibly shocked and back up as the bike explodes, but then try to stop the damage by poring water. The reason why the motorcycle caught fire is not known yet, local media reported. There is no loss of life due to the incident, reports added.

Bullet Catches Fire Outside Temple in Andhra Pradesh

Early morning today, an electric scooter parked in front of a shop at Manapparai in the Trichy district of Tamil Nadu caught fire creating a flutter in the area. It belonged to 28-year-old R Murugesan who works as an electrician in Singapore. Thankfully, there were no casualties or injuries. 

As shocking as it is, this unfortunately is not a rare, isolating accident. Over the past few days, several reports of electric scooters bursting into flames have been reported.  

On March 26, Ola’s S1 electric scooter caught fire in Pune. Similar to this incident, the EV was parked on the street when the incident happened. Prior to that, an Okinawa two-wheeler also exploded in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, tragically leading to the death of a man and his 13-year old daughter. A few days ago, an electric scooter made by Hyderabad startup Pure EV burst into flames near Chennai, raising concerns about the safety of EVs. The video of the incident, which took place near Mathur toll plaza in Manjampakkam, went viral on social media. The video showed smoke erupting from the scooter. In most cases, batteries catch fire due to the poor quality of lithium-ion cells or an inefficient battery management system.

However, this new incident from Andhra Pradesh might be a sign that petrol/diesel vehicles are not exempt from this phenomenon, and something else might be the issue as well. This comes days after the Government decided to probe the recent EV bursts and ordered an inquiry on the fires. “We have asked an independent expert to check (on) what are the actual reason and circumstances,” Giridhar Aramane, secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said. “We have already asked an independent expert to go and check the actual cause of these fires, and if there is any problem, we will ensure that they are taken care of.”