Meet the BEAST: American President Donald Trump's Cadillac
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Meet the BEAST: American President Donald Trump’s Cadillac Coming to India

There are people whom you just cannot be apolitical with and one of them is visiting India this month. Yes, you guessed it right, that man is none another than Donald Trump. Call him whatever you want, but that man has got one sweet ride and we cannot help ourselves but drool over it. ‘The Beast’ as they call it, is one of the safest vehicles ever made and costs a whopping $ 1.5 million ( equivalent to about $ 1,600,000 currently).

Donald Trump is set to arrive in Ahmedabad, Gujrat on 24th February and will head towards Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera. 

An armored limousine, the US Presidential car is a Cadillac. Under all the shenanigans, it has to provide all the security needed for the President of the United States. Former President, Obama called his Caddy the “Cadillac One” and the “Beast” is definitely an upgrade from the One.

What makes this car impenetrable is five layers of glass and polycarbonate. This window can protect the president against armor-piercing bullets and only the driver side window can be rolled down, that too only by 3 inches.

Inside the Beast, there are pump-action shotguns with tear gas cannons and blood bags for the President. The driver’s cabin includes a GPS tracking center and a set of proper communication.

With 5-inch thick military-grade armor, Beast is like a tank, quite literally. This armor is made with a combination of steel, titanium, aluminum, and ceramic.

Even the Chauffeur is trained by the Secret Services and is capable of driving in harshest of the conditions even under heavy fire. The Chauffeur is also capable of making 180-degree turns while driving.

What raised our brows are burst and puncture-resistant tyres and to make things more ‘heavy’, these tyres are kevlar reinforced.

The whole parade consists of a Hazmat van, a roadrunner, a watchtower, support vehicles, CAT and halfback. This convoy is capable of tackling anything ranging from a chemical attack to nuclear and even a conventional attack. Guess, they are taking their security pretty seriously after Kennedy.

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