Expiry date of car parts - Know all about it and maintain your car properly!

Expiry date of car parts: Is there something like that?

Expiry date of car parts

Even the tiniest of things we buy comes with an expiry date and we dare not buy anything without checking it. However, it is not a habit of most car enthusiasts to check the expiry date of car part. Firstly, not many people believe that even auto part have an expiry date. But it is a fact that there are certain car parts that stop functioning after a point of time. Therefore, checking the date of manufacture and expiry whenever you buy a car or a car part will be a prudent act. Let’s make it a habit to check the Expiry date of car parts whenever we buy a new part of are getting a car part replaced.

When you talk about expiry date of car parts, here’s a list of them that you should get them under the scanner.

Expiry date of car parts: Child Seats

Expiry date of car parts: Child Seats

Child seats, just like any other parts of a car, are not meant to last for eternity. With time, the bases of car seats are bound to get cracked and shatter. Over time, the elastic of the belts even start getting loose. On a general basis, the child seat of a car expires within a span of 6 years. However, you can check the exact date stamped on the seat base.

Expiry date of car parts: AC Refrigent

Expiry date of car parts: AC Refrigent

In an ideal world, the car air conditioner must be checked at regular intervals. You should not wait for the AC to give you signals that it is not working properly. However, in dire conditions when you really have not got the time to keep a check on the AC of your car, act as soon as you find a symptom. The most basic symptom may be like the AC is not cooling your car properly. Consider getting the gas recharged or cleaning the AC vents.

Expiry date of car parts: Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is dependent majorly on the quality of air in the locality where your car is driven maximum. It generally needs a replacement after the car has travelled over 25,000km to 30,000km. When you turn on the defrost but don’t see a smooth flow of air in the cabin, it is an indication of replacement. Again, you blower is switched on to a high mode but the air flow is weak or low, and the noise level escalates.

Expiry date of car parts: Air Bags

Expiry date of car parts air bags

Seat tighteners and Airbags need to be cleaned daily and changed in a decades time. However, if there is any apparent wear and tear in the belts then you got to get to work immediately and it changed immediately.

Expiry date of car parts: Air Filter

Expiry date of car parts: Air Filter

Air filters in a car should be replaced once your car has traversed a distance of 20,000km or at the max a year, whichever comes first. The fuel-air mix is adversely affected by clogged air filters. The expiry date of air filters is mentioned in the manual you get with it. If you did not get the manual you should make effort to ask it from the car dealer or the manufacturer.

Expiry date of car parts: Tyres

Expiry date of car parts Tyres

The tyres are the basic ingredient on which the car runs. You should make effort to ensure that the car tyres are changed every six years or whenever needed. The need to change the tyres of your car depends on its usage and definitely the terrain on which you drive. As a rule of thumb the minimum tread depth of your tyres should be 3mm and the DOT number on the outer edge informs you of the production week and year of manufacture. A tyre with the DOT number 5011 means the tyre was manufactured in the 50th week of year 2011.

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Expiry date of car parts: Engine Oil

Expiry date of car parts: Engine Oil

This is a valid question which many car owners have in their mind – when is the right time to change the engine oil? Well, that simply depends on your manufacturer specifications. However, on a general basis changing the engine oil every after a car has travelled for 10,000 km or 12-18 months, whichever comes first. Driving a car with an old engine is not recommended as the overall viscosity is reduced and the lubricant value becomes lower increasing the chances of higher wear and tear. Eventually, the engine of the car can get severely damaged.

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Expiry date of car parts: Brakes

Expiry date of car parts:Brakes

The expiry date of tyre puncture sealant can vary from a period of 3 – 8 years. As far as brakes are concerned, you just cannot take a chance with them. The braking system should be properly checked after a travel of 10,000km. After a time period of 3 years, you should consider getting it replaced from scratch. Keep checking for the liquid in the brakes if or not the colour changes or appears to be dark and thick.

Expiry date of car parts: Fire Extinguisher

Expiry date of car parts: Fire extinguisher

No calamity comes with a notice before several days. Therefore, one should be equipped to tackle any emergency that occurs. The fire extinguisher is the primary ammunition that every car owner should keep ever ready in his car. Consider checking the fire extinguisher every now and then and replacing the same every 2-3 year.

Next time you wonder where to start checking the expiry date of car parts, here’s the list you should consider eyeing on.


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