FASTag sticker mandatory for all vehicles starting from December 1st
Dev Tyagi
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FASTag RFID Sticker Mandatory For All Cars Starting From December 1!

Dev Tyagi

Especially where it comes to driving in Indian highways, few things can be of such vital use as the FASTags. In fact, the concept of FASTag ( RFID Technology Tag) has been propounded to make way for one’s ease of convenience and commuting especially when traversing between states and undertaking long journeys on the highways.

The key element behind the introduction of a FASTag has been to cut down sizeably the time and effort that one has to put in whilst waiting for long lines and queues on national toll plazas.

The wait and the onerous nature of it can often be taxing. Isn’t it?

So in that regard, here’s what you need to know of about the FASTag and FASTag Benefits for cars

The fact that it is mandatory now to have a FASTag on your vehicle starting December 1 is the key takeaway for all driving and commuting in India. In fact, the benefit of having it can be easily understood by the fact that in the absence of having a FASTag on your vehicle, one will be liable to pay double the amount of the toll (speaking of taxes).

Until December 1, the FASTags shall be available for free but from thereon, one will have to pay for it. This last Thursday, i.e., November 21, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari announced- the sticker is being given free until December 1, 2019. In fact, the cost of the security deposit will also be borne by the government.

But first up, for those of us who may not be familiar with the idea of the FASTag, here’s what is worth knowing:

The FASTag is an RFID sticker for vehicles, which ensures that toll can be collected when the vehicle is in motion. RFID, or a radio frequency identification stickers, contains electronically stored information. It uses an electromagnetic frequency to deduct the tag. 

Once you have the tag on the windshield, you will be allowed to cross the toll plaza easily, and the toll amount will be automatically deducted from your account. 

Security deposit paid by the Govt:

At present, the government is bearing (waiver till December 1) the amount of Rs 150, as security deposit for getting the FASTag stickers or RFID tags.

Now, that said, what are the documents needed for getting the FASTag?

In order to get a FASTag for cars, one needs to submit the vehicle’s registration certificate (RC), a passport size photograph of the person, and KYC documents. These are required whether one sources the RFID FASTag sticker in person or online.

Where are FASTags not accepted?

The FASTags aren’t accepted on the state highways. The government earlier said that it was MoU’s with states in order to standardise the process.

How can one purchase the FASTag?

The FASTag RFID Tags are available in select bank branches of up to 22 national banks, Amazon, a few petrol pumps and the national highway toll booths are some of the sources of acquiring the FAStag.

We at CARS24, believe the move to make the FASTag mandatory for all vehicles is a great step, it will help in reducing travel time in the highways, as you can avoid traffic congestion in toll booths, smoothen the traffic in the toll plazas and transparent transactions through digital payments.

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Industry Insights
Est. Reading Time:
2 mins

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