Ferrari 296 GTB: All You Need To Know About The V6 Hybrid Supercar

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In what is fantastic news for all automotive enthusiasts around the world, especially those of the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Ferrari has unveiled the latest model featuring a hybrid powertrain, the Ferrari 296 GTB. The new model will not only unite the fans in awe but is bound to kick things up a notch with incredible new additions and jaw-dropping features. The 296 GTB will be mounted with the all-new V6 engine instead of the previously used V8 by the Italian luxury sports car maker. The automaker has revealed the stunning 296GTB, which showcases the evolution of the sports Berlinetta concept. The all-new Ferrari V6 engine will be coupled with a plug-in electric motor. Even though the brand has gone hybrid, the driver can experience a jaw dropping 654 bhp behind the wheels of the 296 GTB. The engine is designed as to be able to make the car compact, enabling the turbochargers to fit in and also provide the car with a low center of gravity with a reduction in its mass. These new features to the engine design add to the car reaching high power levels. The new Ferrari 296 GTB equipped with V6 has a specific torque output of a staggering 296hp/l. The 296 GTB can reach from 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds and can boost up to its top speed of around 330 kmph. Now that is impressive! The car is designed to depict modernity by emphasizing simplicity yet keeping functionality in mind. The sharp straight lines and the formal cleanliness glorify the sporty design of the car. The brand has taken inspiration from its previous models, such as the 1963 250LM, to build the “B” pillar, rear haunches, etc. The compactness in the design is depicted through the front of the car, making it more tapered than the previous models by the Italian automaker. The 256 GTB has a chassis designed to boost general usability and the accessibility. The car will also be launching the Transition Manager Actuator, which helps in switching between the two power sources. The dynamic rear highlights too break from the traditional rear-end on their cars. The new hybrid from Ferrari will also be showcasing the technologically advanced interior. The interior will be influenced by the SF90 Stradale’s cabin. With the head-up display feature and an instrument panel house, capacitive touch controls make the beast from Ferrari truly a new-gen car. The four driving modes make the car fun to drive, and the driver can switch between modes using the ‘eManettino’ switch. The brand has not yet officially announced the launch of 296GTB in India, and the automaker may open the pre-booking of their new car in the near future.

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