Ferrari is Testing Staff to Restart Production; Is This Model the Key to Keep the Economy Going?

Ferrari is Testing Staff to Restart Production; Is This Model the Key to Keep the Economy Going?

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Ferrari is Testing Staff to Restart Production; Is This Model the Key to Keep the Economy Going?

At Ferrari, the workers are signing voluntary coronavirus screening so they can return to work as soon as possible. The ambitious program by Italian carmaker can serve as a guideline for manufacturers around the world who are desperate to resume production.

Under the “Back on Track” program by Ferrari, the staff, families, and supplier employees undergo blood tests to see if they are free of the virus. The members will be provided with an app that will alert them if they come in close contact with any person who has contracted COVID-19.

Car manufacturers across the world have aborted operations due to the outbreak, and the biggest challenge for them is keeping the virus out of the production sites when they resume. Ferrari’s program to test staff and keep track of possible COVID-19 cases within its staff members is being closely watched by other automakers.

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Alberto Zanetti, head of the UILM union in Modena, Italy where Ferrari’s Maranello plant is located said “We have all understood we are not indestructible,” “Workers want to get tested”

The program is designed to ensure that only healthy employees will resume work but if someone gets infected; their close contacts will be alerted by the app to stay away from the factory until declared clear by the medical authorities.

According to Ferrari, 500 out of 4000 workers at the Maranello and Modena plants have already taken the tests and they have the potential of conducting 800 tests per day.

Ferrari’s Maranello Plant – Modena, Italy

This screening will allow us to take an initial picture of the health status of the tested company’s population,” said head of HR Ferrari, Michele Antoniazzi.

The blood tests determine whether an employee is healthy or might be infected. Post that they undergo a swab test to confirm the presence of COVID-19.

Ferrari will provide special insurance to those hospitalized if tested positive and also arrange temporary accommodation and medical assistance for those who have to self-isolate.

As of now, Ferrari’s factories remain closed along with other businesses that come under non-essential services. But the carmaker says it’s confident that the program will help provide a safe working environment for its employees once the lockdown restriction is lifted.

The Ferrari App was developed by Bending Spoons, a tech startup based in Milan, the company also designed the National Tracking Platform for the Italian government as part of efforts to lift the lockdown in the nation.

Italy is one of the worst affected countries by the Coronavirus pandemic; almost 1.8 lakh people were tested positive for COVID-19 virus and about 25,000 people have lost their lives. The Italian government planning a gradual reopening of the country on May 4.

Should other manufacturers, production units, and Industries come up with a similar program to ensure a safe working environment for their employees after the lockdown?

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