Summer Driving Safety Tips in India
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Important Summer Driving Safety Tips

Team CARS24

Summers are right around the corner and will soon be covering the entire part of the country in the next week or so. Temperatures in the Northern states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are already above 35 degrees and for the next six months, driving around under the hot scorching sun could get uncomfortable. However, sweat not, CARS24 is here with as many as 13 summer driving safety tips

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Cool Driving Tips: The Basics

We seldom use the air-conditioning of the car in winters which means, before summers arrive, it is important to make sure the A/C unit is working up to the mark. This includes its cooling capacity, working of the fan and any abnormal sound from the unit. In fact, a lot of car manufacturers run free A/C check-up camps and it is advisable to take your car there for a quick examination by the experts. While this might be a pretty simple advice, it’s one of the most essential of all the summer driving safety tips mentioned here.

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A Service Always Helps

Winter Car Care Tips - Service Check Up-

The second of our summer driving safety tips is related to your best friend during summer – the car’s aircon. The A/C unit is a complex system and there are numerous parts involved. Make sure you replace the A/C filter every few months and top up the gas if it’s on the lower side. Likewise, the car’s engine can get heated up in start-stop traffic which means you should ensure the coolant level is up to the mark as well.

Top Up Your Fludis

Engines can get really very hot in summer, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. Hence, make sure your car’s coolant has been topped up, especially if your car doesn’t have the stop-start feature. You should even turn off the engine when stuck for a long time in a traffic jam. Unlike the what is a common practice, restarting your engine will not lead to more fuel being burrnt than what is consumed during 10 seconds of idling.

Keep Hydrated

The next advice in our list of summer driving safety tips is concerning you and not your car.  It’s highly important to keep yourself hydrated when stuck in a long traffic jam in the summers. Take along a lot of cool water before you start your journey. It should be enough for you as well as your passengers. It isn’t a bad idea to invest in a good insulated water.

Consider Summer Allergies

There are many who suffer from hay fever, which can making driving a very risky task. While hay fever tablets are easily available, they have side effects such as blurred vision and drowsiness, which could lead to high risk on the road. Therefore, always make sure to check the label of the medicines to ensure you’re not at risk even after consuming the tablets.

Avoid Sun Glare

Impaired vision is a huge problem and a common cause of road accidents during the summer season. First things first, replace worn out wiper blades so that you can easily keep your windscren clean. Windscreens tend to get dirty in dry weather and the marks can amplify the sun glare. This can cause excessive glare.

Maintain Tires

Our next advice in this list of summer driving safety tips is something that even some of the most experienced drivers often overlook.Tyre blowouts are very common during summer. Worn out tires are those which are not inflated properly can easily burst at high temperatures, which can cause a deadly accident. Hence, it’s extremely important to check your tyre pressure and change the tires in case they are worn out.

Take Regular Driving Breaks

One tends to get fatigued faster faster during summer. Hence, it is important to regularly take breaks while driving. Especially, on long trips when there’s just one person who is drving all the time, it is important to take a break of a few minutes every 2 or 3 hours. In case there are more drivers in the car, one should keep switching the task so that the earlier driver can rest for a while. A fresh driver is always a safer choice.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

cars 24 tyre burst reasons and prevention temperature

All cars these days have an air-conditioner, which means there’s a sudden temperature change as soon as you step out of our car’s air-conditioned environment. Sudden change in temperature is harmful for your health. The sudden variation can even lead to your windscreen developing a crack. To avoid all this, reduce the cooling of the aircon a few minute before you are about to get out of your car. Roll down the windows a bit to have some air enter the vehicle’s cabin. Finally, exit the vehicle once there’s not much variation in temperature. Use a similar practice when you’re about to start driving. Don’t start driving with aircon on full blast after coming from a hot environment. This is yet another of our summer driving safety tips that people tend to overlook.

Benefit Of Ventilation

Whenever you sit in the car and turn on the A/C, roll down the windows for a minute. This helps warm air escape out and this, in turn, quickens the process of cooling down the cabin. Make sure you also drive the car for a few seconds while the windows are down.

Park It Right

This is another one of the most basic summer driving safety tips we have here. Parking is always a big problem in summers. Finding a shade is almost impossible but if you can,  park the car away from direct sunlight. The windows of the car adds to the green house effect which means the temperature on the inside can go over 60 degrees in a matter of a few minutes. Hence it makes sense to park the car away from direct sunlight. You can also roll down the windows by a couple of millimeters before locking the car. This space is enough to let the hot air escape out of the car slowly.

Go Easy On The Fan

Once the cabin starts cooling, reduce the fan speed to less than half. A higher speed setting while only add to the cabin noise and will only give you a temporary relief. The same holds true for the temperature setting. If you feel the cabin temperature has a reached an optimum level, raise the temperature by a few notches. This will also put less load on the engine and is surely among one of better driving tips of all times.

Shades Help

With this, we come the last of our summer driving safety tips. We all love wearing shades in summers and the same holds true for our cars too. Window films are now illegal which leaves us with just one option – to use those rectangular cloth shades. Let us warn you though that even these are considering illegal in certain states and the cops have full right to pull you over and issue a challan. That said, this is a cheap accessory that comes very handy on hot summer days.

Almost all modern day cars come with powerful air-conditioning systems. Premium models of various hatchbacks and sedans even offer rear A/C vents which is a big boon for those sitting at the back. If you think your old car’s A/C cannot take the load this summer, it’s time to invest into a brand new car. Start the process right now by heading over for a free car valuation in a matter of seconds!