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Fight The Summer Heat With These Cool Driving Tips

Team CARS24
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Fight The Summer Heat With These Cool Driving Tips

Team CARS24

Summers are right around the corner and will soon be covering the entire part of the country in the next week or so. Temperatures in the Northern states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh are already above 35 degrees and for the next six months, driving around under the hot scorching sun could get uncomfortable. However, sweat not, CARS24 is here with some cool driving tips to make sure you beat the heat easily. Here we go!

Cool Driving Tips: The Basics

We seldom use the air-conditioning of the car in winters which means, before summers arrive, it is important to make sure the A/C unit is working up to the mark. This includes its cooling capacity, working of the fan and any abnormal sound from the unit. In fact, a lot of car manufacturers run free A/C check-up camps and it is advisable to take your car there for a quick examination by the experts.

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Getting the A/C gas level checked is recommended for older cars

A Service Always Helps

The A/C unit is a complex system and there are numerous parts involved. Make sure you replace the A/C filter every few months and top up the gas if it’s on the lower side. Likewise, the car’s engine can get heated up in start-stop traffic which means you should ensure the coolant level is up to the mark as well.

Benefit Of Ventilation

Whenever you sit in the car and turn on the A/C, roll down the windows for a minute. This helps warm air escape out and this, in turn, quickens the process of cooling down the cabin. Make sure you also drive the car for a few seconds while the windows are down.

Park It Right

Parking is always a big problem in summers. Finding a shade is almost impossible but if you can,  park the car away from direct sunlight. The windows of the car adds to the green house effect which means the temperature on the inside can go over 60 degrees in a matter of a few minutes. Hence it makes sense to park the car away from direct sunlight. You can also roll down the windows by a couple of millimeters before locking the car. This space is enough to let the hot air escape out of the car slowly.

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Go Easy On The Fan

Once the cabin starts cooling, reduce the fan speed to less than half. A higher speed setting while only add to the cabin noise and will only give you a temporary relief. The same holds true for the temperature setting. If you feel the cabin temperature has a reached an optimum level, raise the temperature by a few notches. This will also put less load on the engine and is surely among one of better driving tips of all times.

Shades Help

We all love wearing shades in summers and the same holds true for our cars too. Window films are now illegal which leaves us with just one option – to use those rectangular cloth shades. Let us warn you though that even these are considering illegal in certain states and the cops have full right to pull you over and issue a challan. That said, this is a cheap accessory that comes very handy on hot summer days.

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We are sure these tips will help you beat the heat!

Almost all modern day cars come with powerful air-conditioning systems. Premium models of various hatchbacks and sedans even offer rear A/C vents which is a big boon for those sitting at the back. If you think your old car’s A/C cannot take the load this summer, it’s time to invest into a brand new car. Start the process right now by heading over for a free car valuation in a matter of seconds!