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Five Affordable Car Performance Upgrades

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Five Affordable Car Performance Upgrades

Everyone prefers a car that has the capacity of going fast, has exciting driving dynamics when you step on the gas pedal during that occasional late night drives or your trip up the hills. But, due to budget constraints we usually settle for a fuel-efficient, practical car that has to say – compromised driving dynamics and performance.

How can you get the best of both worlds in a car that you presently own, without burning a hole in your pocket? Here are five affordable performance upgrades that can enhance your driving experience.

Steering Rack Bushes

Driving ‘enthusiasts’ loathe a steering which is not precise and lacks feedback. Most of the budget car steerings are set up extremely light to provide for easy maneuvering ability in the city, which weighs up inconsistently out on the highways. This can be solved by replacing the OEM steering rack bushes with polyurethane ones that will make the steering inputs more direct with less flex in the system. This results in a more precise and sporty feel to your otherwise compromised steering setup.

Tire Upgrade

The only point of contact of your car with the tarmac; change in tires can immensely help in altering your car’s driving dynamics. Available at a slight premium over your regular tires, performance tires are designed for enhanced traction. They are made of softer tread compound rubber which helps provide maximum grip at high speeds in both dry and wet conditions. You will feel the improved cornering ability of your car with these tires, on account of the improved traction levels that these tires provide.

 Performance Brake Pads

The confidence that your car can be brought to a halt quickly, inspires one to go a bit faster. Compared to OEM brake pads, these pads due to their different composition of materials used can dissipate heat more quickly, thereby providing more effective stopping power.


Does your car have long gear throws which hamper quick shifts? Short shifter shortens the distance your gear lever has to travel between gears by reducing the angle at which the shaft travels. Even though the performance is not massively altered by this, you can definitely reduce the time lag between the gears, in turn, providing a sportier driving experience.

Throttle Body Adjustment

Throttle response means how quick the car’s engine responds to your inputs on the accelerator pedal. Newer cars come with something called the drive-by-wire where all the throttle body functions are controlled by an electric motor that works in tandem with a pressure sensor on the accelerator pedal. Disconnecting your battery for 15 minutes and reconnecting them usually resets the system but, it varies with different brands. Check your car’s service manual to find out exactly what works for your car. A re-adjusted throttle body can heighten your car’s performance by an extent.

We have just picked up a few out of the many options available, feel free to drop in your comments below with what you think are other affordable performance upgrades, that can cause a difference in the way your car drives. If your used car is giving you frequent troubles or you would want to upgrade to a sportier alternative, try CARS24 to sell off your used car – We offer you best price guarantee, instant payment and free paperwork, ensuring you a hassle-free car selling experience.