Ford April 2021 Car Offers & Discounts
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Ford April 2021 Car Offers & Discounts

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The Indian subsidiary of American car giant offers a range of dynamically sorted cars in our country’s car market. Of course, out of these, the most iconic model is the Mustang but the same is temporarily unavailable until the allotment of the next batch for India. Meanwhile, the carmaker continues to sell a range of mainstream products that enjoy a fair amount of fan following. That said, sales have been pretty low but the discounts haven’t been anything to write home about. Still, here’s a look at Ford April 2021 car offers and discounts to help you figure out the kind of benefits you can enjoy in case you purchase a Ford car this month.

Ford EcoSport – April 2021 Discounts

Ford EcoSport - February 2020 Discounts

In spite of its age, the EcoSport continues to be among the most popular cars in its company’s portfolio. The sub-compact SUV, which rivals the likes of Maruti Vitara Brezza and Tata Nexon, is a pretty well-sorted car even after almost a decade of being in the market. One of the reasons for low discounts is that stocks are low owing to the semi-conductor shortage. For April 2021, you get an exchange bonus of Rs 7,000 in case you trade in a non-Ford car and Rs 20,000 if you sell an old Ford car to the dealership. Apart from this, there’s even a corporate bonus of Rs 3,000 and a discount on the insurance. Finally, there’s even a discount of up to Rs 10,000 on select variants that is being provided by the dealerships.

Ford Aspire – April 2021 Deals

Ford Aspire – February 2020 Deals

Based on the Ford Figo, the Aspire is a sub-compact sedan that goes on to rival models like the Maruti Dzire, Honda Amaze and Hyundai Aura. The C1-segment model is also the only sedan in its company’s portfolio. As has been the case since launch, the Aspire has been doing poorly on the sales charts. This, even after it received a pretty comprehensive facelift a few years ago. That said, you can still go for this model in case you’re looking for a sturdy budget-end sedan with good driving dynamics, decent looks and cheap spares. For April 2021, the Ford Aspire is being sold with an exchange bonus of Rs 7,000 in case of a non-Ford car and Rs 20,000 in case you upgrade from an old Ford car. Additionally, there’s a corporate discount of Rs 3,000, discounted insurance and Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 off from the dealer-end.

Ford Figo – April 2021 Offers

Ford Figo – February 2020 Offers

Much like its compact sedan sibling, the Figo got updated a while back but has pretty much failed to entice the car buyers. Like the Aspire, the Figo benefits from some strong qualities like a sturdy build, good dynamics, attractive styling, etc. However, like the Aspire, the Figo needs to be sold with some discounts in order to attract the car buying lot. This month, it’s being sold with an exchange bonus of Rs 7,000 in case you sell a non-Ford car to the dealership and a discount of Rs 20,000 in case of a Ford car. Also, there’s a corporate bonus of Rs 3,000 along with discounted insurance. Finally, there’s also a Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 discount being provided by some of the dealers on select stock.

Ford Freestyle – April 2021 New Car Offers

Ford Freestyle – February 2020 New Car Offers

Next, let’s come to the next model in the Figo family, which is the Freestyle pseudo-crossover. Like its siblings, the Freestyle is also not selling well and is hence available with some good discounts. In April 2021, you can purchase the Freestyle with an exchange bonus of Rs 7,000 in case you sell a non-Ford car to the dealership and Rs 20,000 if you sell an old car to the dealer. Plus, there’s a corporate discount of Rs 3,000 and discounted insurance. Finally, you can even get up to Rs 10,000 off from the dealer on select variants of this rugged hatchback.

Ford Endeavour – April 2021 New Car Deals

Ford Endeavour – February 2020 New Car Deals

The last car on our list of Ford April 2021 Car Offers & Discounts is none other than the Endeavour. Sold as the Ford Everest in most other markets, the Endeavour has been a traditional Toyota Fortuner rival that was earlier sold with 2.2-litre and 3.2-litre Diesel engine options. Now, however, it’s being offered with a 2.0-litre turbo motor that comes mated to the world’s first 10-speed automatic transmission. The Endeavour looks handsome and has better dynamics than the Toyota Fortuner. Also, its spare parts are better priced. As Endeavour enjoys a strong following, there has been no discount on this premium SUV. That said, you can bargain hard at the dealership to get some sweetners.

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