Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire - which car will emerge as a clear winner?
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Ford Aspire vs Maruti Dzire – Which one to go for?


Planning to buy a car? If you ask your friends or family members, the chances are high that you will get two of these cars as suggestions – Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire. Both of these cars come from a reputable house of carmakers. However, if you have to buy either of them, there are high chances that you might just get confused which one will be more worthwhile to you. In this article, we will make a comparison between the two currently-in-demand cars and help you take a better decision.

Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire – let’s have a face off!

Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire – Price

Maruti Swift Dzire – Ranges from Rs. 5.17 – Rs. 7.90 Lakh

Ford Figo Aspire – Ranges from Rs. 4.89 – Rs. 8.24 Lakh

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Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire – Specifications and Dimensions

  Ford Figo Aspire Maruti Swift Dzire
Length (MM) 3995 3995
Width (MM) 1695 1695
Height (MM) 1525 1555
Wheelbase (MM) 2491 2430
Ground Clearance (MM) 174 170
Boot Space (Litres) 359 320
Engine (CC) 1498 1248
Power (BHP) 99 74
Torque(Nm) 215 190
Mileage (KMPL) 25.83 26.59

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Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire – Mileage

Aspire – An average mileage of 17.01 kmpl – 25.83 kmpl

Dzire – An average mileage of 22.0 kmpl – 28.4 kmpl

Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire – Looks

Maruti Dzire

Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire

One out of five Maruti car owners would bluntly reply the reason behind their car purchase was not the looks but the reputable brand and post-sales service network. Apart from Maruti Suzuki Dzire’s front fascia, both the cars in discussion almost look the same. There is a slight difference in the rear wheel arch. However, out of sync boot design gives the otherwise elegant car an unpleasant appearance. The rear profile is simple without any tinge of innovation.

Ford Aspire

Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire

Its score is probably the highest in terms of design. Great work has been done by Ford’s design team to come up with the three-box sedan in sub-4 metre segment. The signature hexagonal grille with four horizontal chrome slats with thin chrome lining makes Ford distinct.

A few of the other prominent elements are:

  • Plastic surrounded fog-lamps
  • SYNC
  • Bonnet having prominent lines on both the sides
  • Sloping roofline
  • Prominent shoulder line running through the door handles

Look wise, Ford gets better grades than Dzire.

The rear profile is uncomplicated with the rounded-off bumper and black plastic cladding at the lower lip. There is a single-piece D-shaped tail-lamp. A think chrome strip runs across the width of the car.

Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire – Interiors

Apart from comfort and budget, there are other factors that car owners look for while buying a car. Be it the comfort in the cabin or touchscreen infotainment system; car owners have a lot to desire.


The Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire offers unmatched comfort in the cabin area for both the driver and passengers. The seats are soft and well-cushioned. You will find top-class features like dual-tone dashboard along with engine start, stop button, a new infotainment system.


Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire

The steering wheel, controls and infotainment system in Ford Figo Aspire seem to be borrowed from EcoSport. Also, the car’s dual-tone colour theme, which is a blend of charcoal and light oak, offers a breezy feeling in the cabin. However, the finishing of the interiors is not as good as Dzire’s cabin. The quality of plastic used is inferior to that used in Dzise. However, Aspire earns points from the presence of cubbyholes, better legroom in the rear row. The engine start and stop button are missing. The top of the line variant comes with six airbags and leather seats. With a boot space of 359-litre, Aspire gives drivers approximately 40-litres of more space.

All in all, a long drive in Ford Figo Aspire provides better features and space while Dzire is better in terms of comfort in the cabin.

Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire – Performance

This is probably the best of the best criteria that every car owners are concerned about. Ford Figo Aspire diesel wins this race hands down. The Ford Figo Aspire comes with 1.5-litre TDCi unit that also gives power to EcoSport and Fiesta. Additionally, there is a tuned ECU and geometrically-fixed turbocharger for enhanced power and torque.


Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire diesel sports the Fiat-sourced 1.3litre multijet unit which has an excellent 74bhp power and 190Nm torque. Though these specs are not as good as Aspire, you can enjoy a smooth drive on the lanes and highways of India. Till 2000rpm, you will experience turbo-lag. But once you cross 2000 rpm, the performance of the car enhances. If you are one of those adrenaline junkies, overtaking is not much fun in a Dzire. However, shifting gears is much easier, you will surely enjoy a comfortable rise in Dzire.


Aspire comes with a motor that produces a maximum power of 98bhp and maximum torque of 215 Nm. Till 3500rmp, you would get seamless power. After 3500 rmp, the engine becomes a little noisy. The high-end cabin insulation makes up for the noise making it one of the soundless cars in the league. If you have been driving a Maruti or Hyundai, you will take a little time to get used to the gearbox that comes with a rubbery effect.

Ford Aspire VS Maruti Dzire – Final Verdict

Be it the comfort and ease in driving or handling controls; both the cars fair decently well. All types of thumps and tizzies and hiccups on Indian roads can be controlled comfortably. Aspire is marginally better on highways while Swift Dzire’s suspension provides enhanced comfort on city roads. However, if we have to take a pick, the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire outshines the Ford Figo Aspire regarding drive quality and comfort in the cabin. In the other departments like features and space (boot to the cabin) the Ford Figo Aspire is an unmatched machine.

Now, you can make up your mind to see which of these two cars you would want to buy according to your requirements.

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