Ford EcoSport S and Ford EcoSport Signature Edition Spotted: Interior and Exterior Details

Ford EcoSport S and Ford EcoSport Signature Edition Spotted: Interior and Exterior Details

American marquee Ford’s hot-selling Compact SUV, the EcoSport is all set to receive two brand new premium variants. The new variants will be seen as the Ford EcoSport S and the Ford EcoSport Titanium Edition. Both the variants have already started reaching the dealerships and are expected to be launched later this month. A member of a Ford EcoSport owners In India Facebook group had posted the following videos revealing the car’s details.

ford ecosport s

Ford EcoSport S New Features:

As obvious as it sounds, the ‘S’ in the Ford EcoSport S stands for ‘Sport’. The EcoSport S will mostly feature cosmetic upgrades to give it a more sporty appearance. It is based on the EcoSport Titanium+ variant and will carry all the features present in it. The exterior upgrades will be seen in the form of blacked out HID headlamps and fog lamp bezels, a blackened front grille, a blacked out roof section and sporty looking Y-shaped 17-inch alloy rims.

ford ecosport s sunroof

The 17-inch rims on the Titanium+ variant will be replaced with 16-inch rims. The interior changes include a new MID screen, an electric sunroof and orange accents and stitching on the seats.  The MID screen measures 4.2 inches diagonally and is being incorporated in the EcoSport for the first time. It will also feature a TPMS system and an S-badging to differentiate.

Ford EcoSport Signature Edition New Features:

The Ford EcoSport Signature Edition will be based on the EcoSport Titanium variant. Similar to the EcoSport S, the Signature edition will also feature everything seen on the Titanium variant with certain add-ons. It will come with the blacked out front grille and fog lamp bezel like the EcoSport S. Apart from that it will also get blacked out roof rails, a sporty rear spoiler, and a flower-shaped rim design which pretty much look like premium aftermarket units!

ford ecosport signature edition

The electric sunroof will also be available here along with blue accents and stitching for interiors. The Ford EcoSport Signature Edition will boast of a comprehensive safety package featuring ESC, TCS, and HLA.

Ford EcoSport S and EcoSport Signature Edition Engine Details:

The Ford EcoSport Signature Edition will most likely feature Ford’s new Dragon series 1.5-litre petrol engine. The EcoSport S, on the other hand, could come with the 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol instead. It might also feature a 6-speed transmission instead of the conventional 5-speed option. The existing 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine should make it to both variants as an option.

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