8 Fun and Interesting Things to Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

8 Fun and Interesting Things to Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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8 Fun and Interesting Things to Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Ah, the highly coveted weekend! Many have yearned for it incessantly and diligently for so long. But what can one do when the weekdays have turned into weekends? As I write this article, I haven’t left my house in about 10 days and honestly, at this point, I can’t tell the difference between any of my days.

Because of the lockdown, many people across the globe are fearing the loss of their beloved weekends. As we practice self-isolation and social distancing, it is hard to distinguish the days getting by (I just learned that today is SATURDAY and I’m shook!) In times like these, it becomes imperative to turn back to things that provide you comfort. Weekend plans should be no different! Here’s to weekend-ing in the times of COVID-19!

Here are a few tips on how to make your weekend a super interesting one!

Establish A Routine

With zero leverage to adhere to a planned routine, most of us have let loose and bid adieus to our respective schedules. From planning your days right down to the second to being able to waltz into the kitchen at 3 PM for breakfast (this is NOT an example from direct experience, heh) is a HUUUUUGE change. To counter unproductivity, establishing a routine is the best way to avoid freestyling your way through the day. It not only anchors your days but also helps to not slide into passivity.

Self Care

In times of turmoil, self-care often gets neglected. It is termed unnecessary, keeping in mind the bigger picture, that is of the world turned upside-down. It is hard to be nice to yourself when the world as we know is up in flames. But, keeping yourself first is key. It is time to realise that being gentle to yourself first is crucial for your mental health.

Learn A New Skill

Now for the fun part. Weekends are for fun! Whether it is learning how to do makeup (hello YouTube), learning how to recycle old clothes or maybe even learning a new language, quarantining can be pretty helpful in making out time for newer hobbies.

Cook Your Heart Out

Most days, cooking seems like a hassle, especially if you’re in a rush to get it done. Cooking, however, is the greatest stress buster if done correctly. This is time to whip out your MasterChef hats, people! Pantry Recipes are the newest food trend keeping in mind the difficulty to get your hand on fresh ingredients. Look for easy to follow and simple recipes so that while necessities are limited, you still feel fancy!

Pet Grooming

Anyone who owns a pet realises how happy their pets are that their humans get to stay at home with them. Our furry little friends need some TLC too! Spending quality time with your pets can be soothing and may help with anxiety along with being a super fun activity. Pet grooming will not only bring you closer to your pet but also encourage a healthier physical well being of your pet.

Work Out

Working out is a super fun way to jazz up a boring and lazy weekend. Fire up your playlist and indulge in the best of home workouts. For an even more fun session, gang up with your friends for a workout challenge and turn it into a competition to up the stakes!

DIY Galore

DIYs are a great way to challenge yourself. They not only help to learn new things but also are a creative and productive use of your time. There’s a wide array of things to choose from, be it making your own artwork, building a little home office decor, or maybe even learning to sew to create new clothes!

Bond With Your Quarantine Partners

No matter how great your equation with your housemates is, be it, family or friends, being stuck with them in closed quarters for three weeks is like walking on thin ice. To keep irritation and sulky moods at bay, the greatest way is to come up with creative solutions for entertainment. Whether it is trying to recreate old family photos or hosting a game night, bonding is key to create a light atmosphere. Seeking comfort in loved ones is a privilege and one we should always appreciate.

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