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Whispers in the air on a busy Monday morning brings the realization that technology is the governing force for the next millennium. We as homo sapiens have achieved eternity within our shadow and are bound to be the most equipped species on planet earth because of technology. From robot operated road making machines to self-drive multi-terrain vehicles, technology has equipped each and every aspect of our everyday life. Technology in itself is a tool to simplify everyday problems with the use of machine learning. Technology makes everyday miseries of our lives easier and helps us move ahead as a species.

Automotive technology has taken a giant leap in the last millennia and has become more safe and reliable then it used to be back in the early days. The initial days of transportation and private cars were full of accidents caused due to the negligence of the driver or redundant machinery of the vehicle. Today with the inception of safety measures such as airbags and ABS, cars are more people friendly and safe on the roads.

Humans as a species have always been hopeful in his ambition and relied upon predictions as benchmarks to shape the future. The future of automotive technology looks very promising to us. As connoisseur of automotive passenger vehicles, we at CARS24 reflect on the future to cars and try to predict what’s in store for us in the near future:

Future of cars – Bio-metric Vehicle Access

Remember the first thing you did this morning when you reached office?

Yes, you pressed your thumb against a touch panel which automatically registered your attendance at the office. The biometric access has been around for a while now and is used in buildings and offices. This technology is now going to be used as a safer way to access your vehicles. Cars have come a long way in terms of locking technology from manual locks to keyless entry. The next big thing you may see in-car technology by the year 2020 is a biometric vehicle access system. Because of this technology, you will be able to lock/unlock your car with the touch of a finger.

Future of cars – Vehicle Tracking

Thefts are a harsh reality of any urban scenario around the world. According to a study by Interpol, over 7.19million cars are stolen every year all around the world. To curb this every increasing problem, car companies are coming up with technological solutions. Apps like the Google Maps have surely made it easier for you to track your vehicle when you forget your parking location at a mall but there’s no way to track your car if someone drives it away without your consent. Vehicle Tracking will possible make it easier for you and the motor vehicle insurance companies to track down a stolen vehicle and possibly recover it.

Future of cars – Active windows display

Sci-Fi movies have always showcased James Bond navigating his Aston Martin in the streets of Italy with a neon blue window display on his car. Known as HUD or Heads-Up Display, this technology will make glass displays fully customizable and you may be able to switch your music by a touch on the windscreen of your car. This technology will be capable of navigating you through the roads with a real-time heads-up display on the windscreen.

Future of cars – Health Monitoring of your car

We live in a world full of reports and figures. One of the crucial elements humanity has developed to judge a situation is to calculate in figures and numbers. You can look at average day temperature by the touch of a button on your phone, consult a doctor on phone and even buy and sell digital assets on phone. In the same way, imagine if you can get a detailed health report of your car in real time and monitor any glitches and correct them before they even arrive? This is how the future of mobility may look like.

The health monitoring technology will not only be able to help you understand your car better but also help you keep a track of your own body health. With the development of wireless wearable health computers, your car may be equipped with solutions like calling paramedics during the time of an emergency and be of utmost help.

Future of cars – Autonomous vehicle

Autonomy in the vehicle has been a hot topic among motorads all over the world. The next big move in the world of cars will be cars driven purely by automated intelligence. What is actually means is, you will be able to sit back and relax on the rear seat while the computers on your car will drive you to your destination. The cars will be fitted with thousands of sensors to collect data such as traffic situation, safety parameters and mechanics and move around the city without any human interaction. Although fully automated cars are a possibility in the distinct future, the semi-automated vehicle can be a reality in coming 5 to 6 years. Technology companies such as Google and many car companies are already working to polish the automated vehicle technology better by every passing day.

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