Google Re-Adds Calendar, Expands Android Auto Support To More Car Manufacturers

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Google’s Android Auto will see a host of new features in the coming months, the company announced today. Android Auto and Android Automotive, run on the users’ phone and built into their car respectively, will come with new upgrades. Google announced today that both will see a number of newer upgrades, that will affect both users and developers.

The company expects Android Auto to be available in more than 100 million car units in the coming months.

The biggest update for the users via Android Auto will be the integration of the Google Calendar into itself, with the help of the new calendar app. The app will not only help with scheduling but will also help you navigate and call.

The new settings app will improve efficiency with its ability to monitor and modify settings as well as manage the Android Auto preferences through the car display, instead of having to go back and forth from the phone.

Google also spoke of multiple partnerships with companies like SpotHero, Sygic, and ChargePoint to help devise more apps for the platform; ranging from navigation to electric charging to parking. Testing is expected to be underway by the end of this year.

For Android Automotive, Google has decided to work with manufacturers and developers for launching infotainment systems that use it in the future. The company has also decided to launch an update emulator which will include Google Assistant, Maps, and Google Play.

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