Hyundai Grand i10 vs The All New Maruti Suzuki Swift

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For a very long time, mid-tier hatchbacks have been actively trying to gather a strong share in the market. The longest running battle in this segment has been waged between two strong competitors from the market’s first and second top manufacturers, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. Maruti Suzuki has been contesting in this segment with their sales raking Swift hatchback which hit the market in 2005. Hyundai sought to give them a strong fitting reply and hence we witnessed the birth of the almost equally popular i10. Currently, both cars are in their latest iterations in the form of the 2018 Swift and the Grand i10. Today, we will compare both the cars to find out which one stands superior by comparing their different qualities. So without any further delays, let’s commence with our Grand i10 vs Swift Face-Off.

Grand i10 vs Swift Detailed Comparison

Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Suzuki Swift: Price List

Maruti Suzuki Swift Variants and Price:

Variant Price
Lxi 1.2 Petrol Manual Rs.4.99 Lakhs
Vxi 1.2 Petrol Manual Rs.5.89 Lakhs
Vxi 1.2 Petrol Automatic Rs.6.37 Lakhs
Zxi 1.2 Petrol Manual Rs.6.51 Lakhs
Zxi 1.2 Petrol Automatic Rs.6.99 Lakhs
Zxi Plus 1.2 Petrol Manual Rs.7.32 Lakhs
Zxi Plus 1.2 Petrol Automatic Rs.7.76 Lakhs
Ldi 1.3 Diesel Manual Rs.5.99 Lakhs
Vdi 1.3 Diesel Manual Rs.6.87 Lakhs
Vdi 1.3 Diesel Automatic Rs.7.34 Lakhs
Zdi 1.3 Diesel Manual Rs.7.49 Lakhs
Zdi 1.3 Diesel Automatic Rs.7.96 Lakhs
Zdi Plus 1.3 Diesel Manual Rs.8.29 Lakhs
Zdi Plus 1.3 Diesel Automatic Rs.8.76 Lakhs

Hyundai Grand i10 Variants and Price:

Variant Price
1.2 Era Petrol Manual Rs.4.91 Lakhs
1.2 Magna Petrol Manual Rs.5.66 Lakhs
1.2 Sportz Petrol Manual Rs.6.05 Lakhs
1.2 Sportz Dual Tone Manual Rs.6.34 Lakhs
1.2 Magna Petrol Automatic Rs.6.46 Lakhs
1.2 Asta Petrol Rs.6.55 Lakhs
1.2 Sportz Automatic Rs.6.99 Lakhs
1.2 Era Diesel Manual Rs.6.08 Lakhs
1.2 Magna Diesel Manual Rs.6.63 Lakhs
1.2 Sportz Diesel Manual Rs.7.08 Lakhs
1.2 Sportz Dual Tone Diesel Manual Rs.7.33 Lakhs
1.2 Asta Diesel Manual Rs.7.52 Lakhs

Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Suzuki Swift: Engine and Performance

Engine Specifications Petrol

Parameters  Hyundai Grand i10 (Change) Maruti Suzuki Swift
Capacity 1197cc 1197cc
Power 81.86bhp@6000RPM 81bhp@6000RPM
Torque 113.75Nm@4000RPM 113Nm@4200RPM
Transmission 5-Speed Manual/4-Speed Auto 5-Speed Manual/5-Speed Auto
Fuel Tank 43 Litres 42 Litres
Mileage 21.4 Km/l 22.0 Km/l

Engine Specifications Diesel

Parameters  Hyundai Grand i10 (Change) Maruti Suzuki Swift
Capacity 1186cc 1248cc
Power 73.97bhp@4000PM 74bhp@4000PM
Torque 190.24Nm@2000RPM 190Nm@2000RPM
Transmission 5-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual/5-Speed Auto
Fuel Tank 43 Litres 42 Litre
Mileage 24.0 kmpl 28.4 Km/l
Hyundai’s 1.2 VTVT Kappa Engine

Engine Variants:

We now start with the performance round of our Grand i10 vs Swift face-off. Both cars come with one primary engine option for both petrol and diesel variants. What is really surprising here is the similarity in specifications of the both. In the petrol variants, both cars are powered by literally identical 1197cc engines. Their power and torque figures are also alarmingly similar. Even the fuel efficiency and fuel tank size are way too close. Moving to the diesel variants, although both cars get drastically different engines, even here, the torque and power figures are very much neck and neck. The Hyundai Grand i10 gets a 3-cylinder 1.2-litre diesel while the Swift gets Maruti’s signature DDiS 190 4-cylinder 1.3-ltire diesel.

Engine Performance:

In terms of the Petrol variants, the Swift is indeed a sprightly little car. Its low kerb weight chassis, mated to a butter smooth 4-cylinder engine gives it some really peppy performance. The Swift boasts of a power and torque to weight ratio much higher than most of its competition, particularly the Grand i10. But despite this fact, the Grand i10 is no slouch. Hyundai has done an impeccable job with the engine tuning and it shows. The Grand i10 has superb city drivability and even more impressive performance on the highway.

Maruti Suzuki’s K12B Petrol Engine

Moving onto the diesel variants, here both feel surprisingly well-matched despite the vast differences between both cars.  Both the Grand i10 and Swift are tuned strongly for city driving. On the highway, both cars suffer from their distinct respective flaws. The Grand i10’s flat torque curve gives a lacking punch kind of sensation. The Swift is plagued by Turbo Lag at mid-high RPM’s which will often force you to downshift before performing overtaking manoeuvres. The Grand i10 despite its 3-cylinder engine astonishingly feels more refined than the Swift’s 4-pot mill.

Gearbox Comparison

In the manual variants, both the Grand i10 and Swift come with 5-speed manual transmissions. Their automatic mechanisms are, however, quite different. The Grand i10 gets a 4-speed torque converter automatic while the Swift gets a 5-speed AMT. In terms of the manual gearbox, both the Grand i10 and Swift are very evenly matched with light clutch action and sure slotting shifts. It is the automatic versions where the Grand i10 takes the upper hand. The Swift’s AMT transmission is relatively newer on the block and will take a while before it gathers momentum. The Grand i10’s tried and tested torque converter does a much better job overall.

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Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Suzuki Swift: Dimensions

Measurements Hyundai Grand i10 (Change) Maruti Suzuki Swift
Length 3765 mm 3840 mm
Width 1660 mm 1735 mm
Height 1520 mm 1530 mm
Wheelbase 2425 mm 2450 mm
Tyre Size 165/65 R14 165/80 R14, 185/65 R15
Ground Clearance 165 mm 163 mm
Boot Space 256 Litres 268 Litres
Weight 933 to 1025 Kg 855-990 Kg

In the dimensions round of our Grand i10 vs Swift battle, the match-up is decently close. In terms of the basic dimensions, the Maruti Suzuki Swift is ahead by a decent margin. It is longer, wider and taller compared to the Grand i10 translating to a much better interior room for the occupants. The Swift has more wheelbase and hence a larger turning radius compared to the Grand i10. While it isn’t unacceptably large, the Grand i10 is still more flickable. The Grand i10 also wins with marginally more ground clearance. The Swift wins in tyre size with fatter 185 section rubber available as an option. The Grand i10 only comes with skinnier 165 section tyres through all its trims. Finally, the Swift wins in boot space with 12 litres of extra capacity and kerb weight weighing at least 80 kilos lighter across trims.

Size Comparison: Grand i10 vs Swift (Top to Bottom)

Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Suzuki: Swift Features and Equipment

Hyundai Grand i10 Features:

Grand i10 Interiors

Hyundai Grand i10 Looks and Appearance

The Grand i10 is a thorough facelift of the extravagantly popular i10 which set the benchmarks for mid-range hatchbacks. Despite its lack of any flashy design elements like projectors or LED lamps, the i10 actually looks very elegant and contemporary. It incorporates Hyundai’s proprietary “Fluidic Design” very effectively. The diamond cut alloys and the waistline molding gives it a really neat side profile. Move to the interiors and you are made to witness the main brownie point on the Grand i10. The fit and finish of the interiors are simply awe-inducing. It looks and feels good as cars that cost almost twice as much. Thumbs for the overall ergonomics as well since everything you need to use in the car is right where it needs to be.

Grand i10 Front Quarter Profile

Maruti Suzuki Swift Features:

Maruti Suzuki Swift Interiors

Maruti Suzuki Swift Looks and Appearance:

The Maruti Suzuki Swift in its latest 2018 avatar is an absolutely gorgeous car, let’s get that established straight away. The wide front grille and the flowing projector headlamps give it a front face like no other Maruti Suzuki car. Despite being a mid-tier hatchback, the Swift’s appearance is guaranteed to garner eyeballs on the road. The Swift also gets a brand new cabin that is much more contemporary in terms of design. Certain elements like the flat-bottom steering wheel give it a touch of sportiness as well. It also comes with a generous amount of features and equipment. However, unlike the Grand i10 they are nowhere as executed as more premium cars. In fact, the quality of the interior cabin is acceptable at best.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Front Profile

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