Read about what Great Wall Motors Are Planning For Auto Expo 2020!

Great Wall Motors: What Do They Have In Store At The Auto Expo 2020?

Dev Tyagi
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Great Wall Motors: What Do They Have In Store At The Auto Expo 2020?

Dev Tyagi

One of the key sights, it is being said, in the upcoming Auto Expo 2020 is going to be about Great Wall Motors and their preparations in one of India’s most sought after and widely-visited auto shows. In an age where the phrase electric car and urban mobility are about as frequently used as the terms ‘SUV’ and ‘spacious cars’, what can we expect from Great Wall Motors, the force behind the one-of-a-kind Haval H9?

For starters, there’s been a great deal of interest surrounding the full-size SUV Haval H9 just as there have been talks surrounding the mid-size SUV H6. But what can be expected from Great Wall Motors at Auto Expo 2020?

Haval H9 – Great Wall Motors, Photo Credits: Aaryan Vikram

Today, Great Wall Motors made their debut at India’s most widely-received auto expositions, something that attracts the interest of the auto tragic as much as a new enthusiast. But the news that Great Wall Motors have already gone about their India plans smoothly by way of some key acquisitions can no longer be ignored.

For those of us who may not have known, the Great Wall Motors recently acquired Chevrolet’s Talegaon plant. This, it ought to be said, is a key step as it will enable the Chinese entrant to India to set up its first India-based manufacturing facility.

Next up, implicit in the heart of Great Wall Motors will be their presence at the Auto Expo 2020, a platform, that one reckons will be key to reach out and exhibit their next steps concerning Strategy, Planning and India roadmap.

Now for the first time user to whom the name Great Wall Motors springs up a large-size image of a giant moving on four wheels, here’s what’s interesting. While globally, the buzz surrounding the Chinese auto major has often been about its SUVs, in India, a country trying to respond to the need to walk down the electric-car path, the excitement is already building toward its Ora R1 Ev.

With the market awareness having been built around the concept that this the cheapest ‘electric car’ in India, one can be sure that Great Wall Motors, with a market cap of 6.29 billion (according to recent figures) shall be keen to push the Haval Concept H, the carmaker’s noted plug-in Hybrid SUV in India.

Intelligent cars that are finely designed and marked with a sense of utility, the need to adapt to something new and handy has never quite been as urgent as it is today.

Yet at the same time, there’ll be a lot of interest to appreciate the nuances of Great Wall Motors’ line of SUVs- the H9 and F7- that are likely to debut at the Auto Expo 2020.

“GWM will showcase its excellence and strength in automotive technology with its range of Haval SUVs, GWM electric products, and innovations in the area of intelligent safety, connectivity, and advanced autonomous systems. The GWM brand is built on the philosophy of innovation, sustainability, and smart mobility. Haval is an automotive marquee owned by GWM that specializes in full range of SUVs,” the company shared in its official media statement.

In addition to the above, the Haval is expected to battle it out in a slugfest of SUVs, given the sheer versatility India is experiencing in the space given the likes of MG Hector, Kia Seltos and Hyundai’s Creta.