Head-Turning Ferrari Roma Arrives In India Priced From Rs 3.61 Crore

Head-Turning Ferrari Roma Arrives In India Priced From Rs 3.61 Crore

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Head-Turning Ferrari Roma Arrives In India Priced From Rs 3.61 Crore

First unveiled back in late 2019 in Rome, the aptly-named Ferrari Roma has finally made it to our shores. Italy’s latest prancing horse is a two-door coupe and traces its roots to the beautiful Portofino. With its head-turning design, which simply beckons you to stare at it a little longer, this Ferrari starts from Rs 3.61 Crore. Obviously, that is the Roma’s ex-showroom price and doesn’t take into account any added customization options that one will pick. Then again, if you have nearly 4 crores to spend on a car, chances are that you can afford a few optional extras. Being a hardtop coupe also means that the new Roma is nearly 100 kg lighter than the convertible Portofino.

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Ferrari Roma front side

While beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, the design of the new Ferrari Roma is achingly gorgeous. Its design is characteristic of a Grand Tourer (GT) – featuring a long hood, sensual body lines, and a wide yet sporty stance. Unlike many modern sports cars, the Roma doesn’t boast about its capabilities by sporting multiple vents and scoops in the bodywork. On the contrary, it is its clean and minimalistic styling that makes it even more desirable. The Roma’s so-called “shark nose” front fascia is coupled together with its slender LED headlamps and an extended front splitter.

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Ferrari Roma side profile

Ferrari wanted to keep the design so pure, in fact, that even the front grille is all about function-over-form. It only gets holes in places that are deemed absolutely vital for cooling the engine – no extra flair for the sake of it. The Roma’s svelte side profile houses glorious-looking 20-inch alloy wheels and pronounced side skirts that help with aerodynamics.

Meanwhile, the sloping roof meets up with the rear haunches and sharply-styled rear windows, providing that mix of modernity and class that looks just so alluring. At the back, the Ferrari Roma integrates a clever active rear spoiler and wafer-thin LED taillights. The cohesive design theme means that engineers can glue the rear diffuser, bumper, and exhaust nozzles perfectly.

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Ferrari Roma rear three quarter

The Roma is one of those Ferraris that doesn’t really have any bad angles to its design. It is all harmonious and pleasing to the eye with nothing to jar your senses or provoke displeasure. Even compared to the modern Portofino, the interior of the new Roma is distinctively contemporary and cutting-edge.

Ferrari Roma rear

If you are expecting an amalgamation of quality craftsmanship and materials with sporty finesse and drama, well, you have it. The Ferrari Roma’s cabin isn’t spartan by any measure and certainly doesn’t back away from offering loads of equipment. There is Alcantara, premium leather, real aluminium, and carbon-fiber – the works – even more of all these if you pay extra.

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Ferrari Roma interior

Furthering this interior’s sporty nature is the massive center console that literally separates the driver from the co-driver. And yes, I mean it when I say “co-driver.” In the Roma, the front passenger will feel like he/she is a part of the driving experience, a feeling promoted by the optional digital screen that shows plenty of vehicle information.

Ferrari Roma cabin

In the meantime, the driver gets to enjoy a huge 16-inch curved digital instrument cluster and a multifunction steering wheel. The wheel in the Roma not only houses the controls for many of the car’s functions, but it now also gets Ferrari’s manettino switch. This switch means that the driver can toggle between Roma’s different drive modes on-the-fly without fumbling through the infotainment system.

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Ferrari Roma features

Speaking of which, the infotainment system in the Ferrari Roma uses a high-definition 8.4-inch touch-panel that is oriented vertically. This display will demand much of your attention for the functions that cannot be operated via the steering wheel.

Ferrari Roma dashboard

In front of the front occupant, there is the optional and high-definition 8.8-inch landscape-oriented touch screen. If you are too busy driving (as you would be), you can ask the co-driver to change the climate control settings or change songs. Of course, this is assuming that your co-driver will be able to operate the system whilst you are flying through the gears.

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Ferrari Roma V8 engine

The new Ferrari Roma is powered by a 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 from the stunning 488 Pista and Portofino. In the Roma, this engine is capable of revving up to 7,500rpm and kicks out over 611hp and 760Nm of torque.

Ferrari Roma rear spoiler

Equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox that spins the rear tires and Ferrari’s latest Side Slip Control technology, the Roma is fast. This Ferrari will rocket to 100 kmph in just 3.4 seconds and breach 200 kmph in only 9.3 seconds. Give her a long enough stretch of tarmac and the Roma will max out at an indicated 320 kmph. I, for one, am glad that this modern Italian piece of art is finally on Indian soil.

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