Honda City vs Ciaz Facelift Comparison – Price, Specifications, Mileage

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We answer your question on which car to buy? Honda City or Ciaz facelift, the best sedans in India in C2-segment. We compare the prices, specs, mileage, features of the two cars in our Honda City vs Ciaz facelift comparison

The Honda City has been one of the most popular models in its segment. It has been the most trusted brand in the sedan market but things have changed ever since the Maruti Ciaz was launched here in 2015. Recently, the biggest rival of the City got a facelift. The new model gets a makeover, more features, a new petrol engine and an attractive pricing. In comparison, the City, which got a facelift a few months ago, continues to soldier on in the current avatar. With the launch of the facelift, the Ciaz has reclaimed the top spot on the sales chart. It outsells all its key rivals comprehensively. But does that mean is it the better sedan than the Honda model? Our Honda City vs Ciaz facelift comparison will assist you pick between the two models.

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Honda City vs Ciaz Facelift Comparison – Price

Honda City Petrol Diesel
S Rs. 8.77 lakh
SV Rs. 9.75 lakh Rs. 11.10 lakh
V Rs. 10.26 lakh Rs. 11.89 lakh
V CVT Rs. 11.78 lakh
VX Rs. 11.89 lakh Rs. 13.19 lakh
VX CVT Rs. 13.08 lakh
ZX Rs. 13.88 lakh
ZX CVT Rs. 13.76 lakh
Maruti Ciaz Petrol Diesel
Sigma Rs. 8.19 lakhs Rs. 9.19 lakhs
Delta Rs. 8.80 lakhs Rs. 9.80 lakhs
Zeta Rs. 9.57 lakhs Rs 10.57 lakhs
AT Delta Rs. 9.80 lakhs  –
Alpha Rs. 9.97 lakhs Rs. 10.97 lakhs
AT Zeta Rs. 10.57 lakhs  –
AT Alpha Rs. 10.97 lakhs  –

If you compare the prices of the Honda City and the Maruti Ciaz facelift, it’s easy to see the great difference in the prices of the two sedans. Compare the two models spec- and feature-wise, and it’s the Maruti Suzuki sedan that is a clear winner of the Honda City vs Ciaz facelift comparison. With a price difference of more than 1.7 lakh between the fully-loaded petrol automatic versions of the two cars, it’s the Ciaz that offers the maximum bang for the buck. The difference in prices of the top-end diesel variants is roughly Rs 1.9 lakh. In the City’s defence, it offers a longer list of features and comes with a premium equipment list that includes an electric sunroof and LED headlights but the Ciaz offers all of the important features that the City does. It doesn’t have a sunroof but you get a much better mileage and is even easier to maintain.

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Honda City vs Ciaz Facelift Comparison – Mileage

Model Fuel Mileage (ARAI-certified)
Maruti Ciaz
  • Petrol Manual – 21.56 KMPL
  • Petrol Automatic – 20.28 KMPL
  • Diesel Manual – 28.09 KMPL
Honda City
  • Petrol Manual – 17.40 KMPL
  • Petrol Automatic – 18.00 KMPL
  • Diesel Manual – 25.6 KMPL

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is the best mileage sedan in India. While the City is not very far behind in comparison, it’s still no match for MSIL’s most premium three-box offering. So, if we have to decide which car to buy between Ciaz facelift and City on the basis of the fuel mileage alone, we will pick the former with our eyes closed. The biggest reason for the high mileage that both petrol and diesel variants of Ciaz deliver is their SHVS mild hybrid system. This is one feature that leads to a substantial increase in the fuel efficiency that the motors deliver. The mechanism works in conjunction with an idle start-stop system and a starter motor mechanism that stores energy generated by braking into a battery, which supplies power to the alternator. This is how the mechanism helps to boost the mileage.

Honda City vs Ciaz Facelift Comparison – Specification

Honda City Maruti Ciaz
Type 1497cc i-VTEC Petrol/ 1498cc i-DTEC Diesel 1462cc Petrol/1248cc Diesel
Power 117 bhp/99 bhp 104 bhp/89 bhp
Torque 145 Nm/200 Nm 138 Nm/200 Nm
Mileage Petrol MT- 17.4 KMPL

Petrol AT- 18 KMPL

Diesel MT- 25.6 KMPL

Petrol MT- 21.56 KMPL

Petrol AT- 20.28 KMPL

Diesel MT- 28.09 KMPL

Transmission 5 speed Manual/6 speed manual/4-speed AT (only petrol) 5 speed manual/5 speed manual/4 speed Automatic (only petrol)

In one part of our Honda City vs Ciaz facelift comparison in which the Honda model enjoys an upper hand over the Ciaz is in the specifications department. The refreshed Maruti Suzuki model produces a maximum power of 104 bhp and a peak torque of 138 Nm. The diesel motor produces a maximum power of 89 bhp and a peak torque of 200 Nm. While the car isn’t underpowered by any length of imagination, the Honda City is far more powerful. Its petrol engine produces a maximum power of 117 bhp and a peak torque of 145 Nm. The diesel engine offers a maximum power of 99 bhp and a peak torque of 200 Nm. The petrol-powered City is definitely a better performer than its Maruti Suzuki counterpart. The diesel-power City is also more powerful than the oil burner equipped Ciaz. However, the difference is not much. In spite of this, the Honda City is the winner if you compare the specifications of the two.

Honda City vs Ciaz Facelift Comparison – Design & Interior Space

The design is a matter of personal choice and choosing one from these two on the bases of their looks alone can be really tricky. While both the models look handsome and modern, it’s the City that has a hint of boldness at its front-end. The Ciaz, in comparison, has a more elegant look, especially with its wide new grille, updated headlamps, and a bolder bumper. In the side profile, we prefer the Ciaz over the City as it looks better proportioned. Its longer wheelbase makes it look more stately.

The respective interiors of the two cars are modern and stylish. The City feels a tad sportier but the Ciaz is far more spacious. In terms of quality of materials, there’s not much of a difference. The City is better loaded though. It has an electric sunroof, which is one feature that makes it look more premium than the Ciaz. It also has all-LED headlamps, which, again, helps it have an upper edge over the Maruti offering.

Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City – Verdict

As is clear in our Honda City vs Maruti Ciaz comparison, it is tough to pick a clear winner. The recently refreshed Maruti Ciaz has more features, higher mileage, and a more spacious cabin. It also has lower prices and higher mileage figures, which are two factors that really can’t be ignored. The City, on the other hand, is clearly more powerful and offers some additional features, including an electric sunroof and all-LED headlamps. The Ciaz makes more sense if you plan to spend much of your time in the back seat, which is due to the much higher space it offers. The City makes sense if you want more power and are performance-hungry. In terms of design, both cars are almost equally handsome. But in terms of value for money, there is really nothing that can beat a Maruti Ciaz.

With this, the Honda City vs Ciaz comparison by us comes to a close, with the recently refreshed Maruti Suzuki model becoming the winner of the duel. What are your thoughts on our Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City comparison? Do you want us to compare more cars with the newly refreshed Maruti Ciaz or the Honda City? Let us know by commenting below.

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