How to buy good used cars? – Tips and Tricks
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How to buy good used cars? – Tips and Tricks

Team CARS24

While the Indian car market has been growing substantially since a few years now, the used car market is already swelled to more than twice the size of the new one. What this also means is that there are many more second-hand car buyers than customers of the brand new ones. Today, the used car sale-purchase happens on various platform, including web portals, offline advertising and used car dealers. However, finding a decent used car is often a Herculean task as you really can’t trust every used car caller you come across. Here are some tips to buy good used cars.

Tips To Buy Used Cars

Set a budget

Set a budget before you start the used car buying process. Just like it is in case of buying a new car, it’s fairly easy to end up over-spending when going for a second-hand vehicle. So, consider factors like how long do you plan to keep the vehicle, how much do you plan to use your vehicle every month, general maintenance and repair costs of the car models that you might consider buying. Also, keep in factors like car insurance in mind.

What type of car should you buy?

It’s also imperative to know what car suits your needs and lifestyle. For example, those who live in areas with bad roads should opt for a vehicle with high ground clearance. On the other hand, people looking for a comfortable highway cruiser that can carry enough luggage can opt for an MPV or a sedan.

Basically, make a list of things that you would need from your used car and then, start looking for that of type models which fall in your budget. You can use our car price calculator to figure out the right resale value of any vehicle.

Check out the used cars in day light

At times, the used car showrooms have many fancy-looking coloured lights, which make the old cars look more glamorous. It’s even a good way to hide the scratches. Therefore, the best way to examine cars is when they are parked in the daylight. This way, by viewing the vehicle in natural lighting condition, you can clearly come across even the minor scratches or paint fades.

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How old is ‘old’?

Mostly, a car that is only two years old and has run less than 20,000 km is a decent bet. However, based on your budget, you can even go for an older car, especially if it’s still production and/or its spares are easily available. However, it’s advisable to stay away from cars that have been chauffeur-driven as they tend to age quickly. Also, it’s common for many to tamper with the odometer and lower its reading in a bid to con the potential buyers.

Hence, always check the service records. Doing so will not only help you understand how much the car has actually run but it can even help you ascertain if the car has been regularly serviced at the authorised service stations.

Get the car checked by a mechanic

You might have been using cars for years or even have a fair amount of understanding of the mechanical components, but it’s in your best interest to take a skilled mechanic along to inspect the vehicle you plan to buy. Not only will the mechanic have a good eye for even the smallest of niggles, he will even give you an idea of the cost of repair work.

Check VIN and obtain service records

Every car that is sold comes with a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Using this distinct number, you gather many details, like date of manufacturer of the car and even the service records from the authorized service centres.

Check insurance records

You can easily gather data on all the insurance claims made at the service centre. Through this, you can easily understand what all the vehicle has been through in its life and the kind of mishaps it has been involved in. Mostly, car owners get repairs done at authorized dealerships through insurance.

Take a long test drive, multiple times

Take the car you plan to buy on a long test drive. In fact, take it on multiple test drives. You can even ask your mechanic or a friend to drive the car and see what he feels about it. When driving the vehicle, make sure you accelerate a bit hard to see if the engine behaves normally. Also, brake hard and take some tight turns to understand the condition of the brakes and the steering. Also, drive on a broken stretch of road to figure out the condition of suspension.

Look for rust spots

Check out the car’s body shell thoroughly. It’s best to stay away from vehicles even with small rust spots. Rust weakens the metal and reduces the structural rigidity of the vehicle. It’s also a task to get rid of the rust patches. Make sure you check the car’s underbelly, running boards and engine mounts for rust.

Dealer tricks

If you are buying a car from a dealer, make sure that you keep in mind that the salesperson can easily misguide you to put your hard-earned money on a lemon. It’s not like all salesmen are cunning but it’s still not the most advisable option to purchase a used vehicle from a second-hand car dealer.

To help you save yourself from such crooked dealers, we, at Cars24, offer a really wide range of pre-owned vehicles to assist you with choosing the perfect used car for yourself. You can even avoid going to these dealers to sell your used car as we can even help you sell your car online and get the best price for it.

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