How To Clean & Disinfect Your Car? – Interior, Exterior, Seats & Upholstery

How To Clean & Disinfect Your Car? – Interior, Exterior, Seats & Upholstery

How To Clean & Disinfect Your Car? – Interior, Exterior, Seats & Upholstery

How To Make Your Car A Corona-Free Space During The Lockdown?

The Coronavirus has made a huge impact on how we, as humans, live our daily lives. It has literally given us a wake-up call and we are listening – finally. But, while we battle against COVID-19, there are some positives we can look to, especially in India. For starters, the pollution rates across the country have dropped significantly. This is because people are not using their cars and motorcycles. However, when you do use your cars to get essentials, do you feel safe enough to touch the doors, windows, or even the steering wheel? Are you worried that the Corona Virus could be sitting around and waiting for you? If you are, here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your car clean and safe during this pandemic.

Using Disinfectant Wipes

While the entire world is in lockdown, we can’t help think about all the surfaces we touch on a regular basis. Whether it’s the doorknob to your home, the railing on a flight of stairs, or even the buttons on an ATM machine. Right now, all surfaces are our enemies and we need to protect ourselves as much as we can. This is where disinfectant wipes come in. They are not only useful for cleaning up after you touch something, but are great for cleaning up various surfaces inside your car. The minute you open your car doors, you are potentially letting in thousands of germs and dust particles. How to disinfect your car, you ask?

Disinfectant wipes can make a big difference here as they can be used on practically any surface like the steering wheel, the control buttons, the seats, door interiors, cup holders, and anything else. Using a disinfectant wipe can help you keep the virus at bay even when you need to get out of the house for supplies but you should ultimately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer once you’re home. Another good way to keep your car clean is to wash it regularly. If you can add some liquid disinfectant to the water, it will keep viruses and germs off the metal body for some time.

Using Disinfectant Spray

If you can’t seem to find any disinfectant wipes, the spray works just as well – maybe even better. Disinfectant sprays are great for surfaces that you cannot wipe like the carpet in the car or the upholstery. The spray is great for reaching larger surfaces quickly and it can be used inside as well as outside. Usually, the spray should be left to dry before using the disinfected area but, in case you are using it on sensitive surfaces, you can use a paper towel to wipe the surface down.

Using a Microfiber Cloth

Not all the surfaces in your car can be wiped or sprayed with disinfectant. If your car has leather seats and comes with touchscreen surfaces, you might want to avoid using a lot of liquid when cleaning them. If you are wondering how to disinfect car seats, or more importantly, how to disinfect leather car seats, there are some things you can use without causing damage to your seats. Firstly, if you only have access to disinfectant spray, try not to spray the seats directly. What you can do is spray a little disinfectant onto a microfiber cloth and allow it to soak in for a minute. You can then gently wipe down the seats and any leather you have in your car. Microfiber cloths are great for touchscreen surfaces as well. Usually, it is not advised that you wipe your touchscreens with a disinfectant wipe as the liquid can damage the mechanics. A microfiber cloth, however, can be used as it doesn’t allow excess liquid to damage the touchscreen. With a little disinfectant, you can easily and safely wipe all touchscreens in the car.

If you are worried about how to disinfect car interiors without damaging them or how to disinfect car upholstery without destroying its look, these helpful tips can surely keep you and your car safe during these difficult times. Keeping your car clean during the Coronavirus might not be the biggest concern but it is important to do so, especially when you need to use your vehicle for supplies and other emergencies.