How To Find Correct Driving Position - 6 Easy Tips

How to Find Correct Driving Position – 6 Easy Tips

how to find correct driving position

Many drivers and car users profoundly underestimate the significance of a proper driving position. A thoroughly thought after and adequately set driving position can let you have much better control of your car and translate into a significant bump in comfort as well. Many people do not recognise that a good driving position can help preventing accidents while also improving safety in case of a crash occur, and enhance driving comfort. Here we talk about how to find correct driving position.

How to Find Correct Driving Position

Wear proper clothing: It might sound strange, but what you are wearing can affect your driving control and comfort. The best driving comfort and control arrives when you are not in clothing that restricts you while driving. Try to wear light and comfortable clothes as much as you can. Then there is the matter of footwear which should be of paramount importance for anyone who loves driving. The shoes you wear while driving should be placed snugly on the feet and should also fit nicely on the control pedals. The perfect driving shoe would be something that has a thin but slightly dense sole. On the pants front, try to wear pants that run all the way down to the knee, it would go a long way to keep you comfortable.

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Position yourself correctly in the seat itself: Sitting straight with your buttocks and back making a square while being squeezed into the seat is the best way to position yourself into your car seat. This would also help you to avoid backaches and keeps you awake during long journeys.

Adjust the seat distance. The position of the seat should be adjusted with regards to the pedals. Try to maintain a 120 degree bent angle in your knees when you depress the pedals entirely.  Keep in mind that a fully extended leg might result in the knee locking up, leading to much effort in operating clutch, brakes and accelerator. On the other hand, a knee which is bending too much can hinder normal blood flow. The feet should be placed in a way that the heels are on the floor and the balls of the feet press against the pedals. Your right foot should be able to pivot between the throttle and brake pedal while the heel is placed roughly in front of the brakes. This is one of the most critical points in our guide on how to find correct driving position.

Adjust Seat Rake: The seat rake should be as parallel as possible to the steering angle. While it might be impossible to do that, but a rake of around 110-95 degrees in your seat would be suitable. Set up the seat height as per the guidance above, then place your wrist over the topmost portion of the wheel, it will be a perfect position if it is set flat over the wheel and even can bend it somewhat over the rim, while still keeping the shoulders (shoulder-blades) against the seat’s back.

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Adjust the steering height and Distance: Steering height should be adjusted so that it is as parallel to back angle and provide a clear view of the dashboard through the rim. Ideally, this arrangement should allow you us to grip the wheel properly with our palms slightly lower than your shoulders. To set the distance, make sure your elbows have an inclined angle of around 120 degrees now.

Adjust the seat height: Along with the points mentioned above in our guide on how to find correct driving position, your seat height adjustment should make sure that you can see forward clearly, while still having a clear view of the dashboard, and proper height relative to the wheel and pedals.

Along with these above-mentioned points, there are a few more things that you should keep in mind. These are:

  1. Wear your seat belt properly
  2. Check your visibility
  3. Keep objects in the car low, on the floor, preferably at the front
  4. Adjust your rear-view mirrors to a minimal overlap and maximal visibility.

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We hope that our guide on how to find correct driving position has been helpful to you.