The winters are well past us and soon, we’ll have temperatures rising to some really unpleasant highs. There will be instances when you’ll need to get into your car and get driving but will have to bear with some uncomfortably high heat levels inside the car. Today, we come up with some tips on how to keep your car interior cooler in Summers.

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How to Keep Your Car Interior Cooler in Summers

Tip #1 Use Sunshades/Window Visors

Using sunshades or window visors has been a tried and tested method to keep your car interior cooler in summers. The sunshades and window visors don’t cost too much and are easily available at all car accessory shops. We request you to put a sunshade or a window visor every time you park your car under the sun, even it’s only for a few minutes. Using these things prevent the greenhouse effect from taking place, thereby ensuring the interior of your car stays cool.

Tip #2 Use a Dashboard Cover

Another easy way to keep the dashboard of your car from heating up is to use a dashboard cover. Simply speaking, you won’t have an unpleasant experience everytime you touch your car dashboard after your vehicle has been left parked under the Sun for a while. Also, these covers protect the dashboard plastic from losing color or texture due to the high temperature they heat up to.

Tip #3 Cover the Steering Wheel too

Of course, using the dashboard cover isn’t a complete solution. You also need to ensure that the steering wheel doesn’t get too hot. The solution? Use a cover for the steering wheel, too. This will help you firmly hold the steering wheel as the surface temperature will remain under a check.

Tip #4 Park in Shade

Of course, this goes without saying! The best way to beat the sun is to park your car under a shade. This will keep the interior cooler. While this is something very basic, a lot many of us overlook this and park at the first slot that catches our attention. However, we recommend you to spend a few minutes finding a shady area for the parking.

Tip #5 Keep Windows Slightly Open

Remember, hot air rises. Hence, the best way to make sure the heat escapes from the confines of your car cabin is to leave the windows slightly open. That said, make sure the windows are not opened wide enough to let a miscreant/thief slip his hand inside to unlock the car. Even a small opening will ensure there’s sufficient ventilation and that the hot air escapes the car interior.

We hope our tips on how to keep your car interior cooler in summers end up helping you keep your car’s cabin cooler during the summer season.

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