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How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Bengaluru – Check e-Challan Status

Bangalore or Bengaluru is a city known for its lush parks and buzzing nightlife – however, the COVID-19 pandemic has strictly put an end to that, and a lot more. The state of Karnataka, especially Bengaluru, has taken a major hit during the second wave of the pandemic. The city is in complete lockdown which means people are no longer allowed to walk or drive anywhere. Along with this, shops, restaurants, and other establishments will remain closed in an effort to try and reduce the number of cases from the city. While people are no longer driving in the city, there are some people who have received traffic Challans before the lockdown was initiated, and they need to be paid. Luckily, the Traffic Department of Karnataka has taken all its services online which means Challans and other fines can be paid online from the comfort and safety of your home. Let’s take a look at the process.

Bengaluru Traffic Police Challan – e-Challan Bengaluru

Driving Licence Status Online Bangalore – DL Application Status Bangalore

The rules and regulations along with the fines and penalties in Bengaluru are set by and collected by the Bengaluru Traffic Police Department. They keep a close eye on all violations and penalize them accordingly. You can check out to learn more about the rules in the city and know more about the types of fines there are. There is also a section of the website dedicated to e-Challans – the online traffic ticket that has made catching violators easier and more convenient. Now that smartphones has become a standard thing around the country, everyone can access the portals required to pay their e-Challan online through their devices. Currently, there are two ways to pay an e-Challan in Bengaluru. The first way is through the Karnataka One website – – which is basically the one-stop-shop for everything state government-related. The second method is through the already popular e-wallet PayTM.

If you choose to make the payment through the Karnataka One portal, you can click on the Services button and choose the “Collection of Fine For Traffic Violation By Tag” option. Next you will have to enter some details before moving forward and completing the payment. Once the payment is done, you will receive an SMS as confirmation and an online receipt. Another way to make the payment for an e-Challan is through the aforementioned Traffic Police website. Similar to the Karnataka One website, you will have to provide some details before completing the payment of the Challan. For the payment, you can choose to make it through any of the available options including debit/credit card, net banking, UPI, or PayTM.

Although it is not possible at this time, many people choose to pay their traffic Challans through the offline method. Some people find it easier and safer to physically make the payment to a police officer. If you wish to pay your Challan offline, here are some options for you:

Option 1: Find a traffic police officer with an e-Challan machine and make the payment through cash.

Option 2: Head down to the Bengaluru Traffic Police headquarters along with information such as driving license, address, and proof of ID.

Option 3: Courier a Demand Draft, Pay Order, or Cheque to the headquarters of the Bengaluru Traffic Police.

Option 4: Prepare a Money Order in the name of the Bengaluru Traffic Police and send it through the Post Office.

In order to register a complaint with the Bengaluru Traffic Police online, you can either visit their Facebook page or WhatsApp your complaint as a text message to 9480801800. This service is available 24×7.

Traffic Rules and Regulations in Bengaluru

New Traffic Rules and Fines in India 2019

Although it hasn’t been much of a problem for the past couple of months, the traffic in Bengaluru has always been excessive and that is because of the many people who choose to relocate to the city every year. This has caused a massive increase in the number of vehicles in the city and often results in major congestions. Even though most of the people in Bengaluru follow the rules and regulations set by the state and traffic police, there are some that choose to disobey them. Here are some of the rules that have to be followed strictly by everyone driving a vehicle in the city and the penalties for breaking them:

Driving without a License: This is one of the most common violations across the country and is often overlooked, especially in large cities like Bengaluru. The fine for this offence is Rs. 1,000 for 2 and 3 wheelers, Rs. 2,000 for Light Motor Vehicles, and Rs. 5,000 for other types of vehicles.

Over-Speeding while Driving: Once again, being the fast-paced city it is, many Bengaluru drivers are caught over-speeding. For 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and Light Motor Vehicles, the fine is Rs. 1,000 whereas for medium goods vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, and human powered vehicles, the fine is Rs. 2,000.

Driving without a Helmet: If you are driving a 2-wheeler and are caught not wearing a helmet, the fine is Rs. 500. Even if you are wearing a helmet and the pillion passenger is not, you will be charged Rs. 500.

Driving while using a Mobile Phone: The seriousness of this offence has gone up over the years and the police are looking to make the roads safer by getting rid of the habit. If a driver is caught for the first time while on a 2/3 wheeler, the fine is Rs. 1,500 and it goes up to Rs. 10,000 from the second time onwards. For those using a mobile phone while driving a LMV, the fine is Rs. 3,000 and for other types of vehicles, the fine is Rs. 5,000.

Effective Surveillance

With so much traffic in the city, it is almost impossible for the traffic police to effectively monitor all the roads and streets in the city. This is where CCTV cameras come in and do an excellent job at recording any kind of offence around the city. With over 200 CCTV cameras installed at all the important junctions in the city by the Bengaluru Traffic Police alone, there isn’t much that escapes unnoticed. To add to this, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike municipality has installed over 700 of their own cameras while corporate and public bodies have about 400 more which makes Bengaluru one of the most closely watched cities in India. Thanks to this massive movement, it is extremely easy for the Traffic Police to look into all kind of cases with speed and efficiency.

What is an e-challan and how it works?

Originally, traffic police used paper Challans to penalize law breakers but with the inclusion of technology into every sector, the e-Challan was born. It was brought to life by MoRTH or the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. e-Challans work alongside CCTV cameras to catch offenders and bring them to justice. As soon as a CCTV camera spots an offender breaking the law, it records the licence plate number of the vehicle and brings up all the information of the driver and owner. An officer than enters the information and the violation into the system which then sends an SMS to the offender’s registered mobile phone number. The SMS contains all the information regarding the violation and the amount that needs to be paid as a fine. Once the e-Challan is sent out, the offender has 60 days to make the payment. If the payment is not made within those 60 days, strict action will be taken.

How to pay traffic challan online in Bengaluru? – Step-by-Step Procedure

If you find yourself with an e-Challan and don’t know how to go about paying it, here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “Services Offered” or “Online Services”

Step 3: Click on “Police”

Step 4: Click on “Pay Traffic Violation Fine”

Step 5: Click on “Avail Online”

Step 6 Choose the city and click “Pay Now”

Step 7: Sign in if you haven’t already or Enter Registration Number

Step 8: Click on Pay Now or Pay

Step 9: Once the payment is completed, a “Payment Successful” message will be sent to your phone along with an email

You can even choose to make the payment through the PayTM App on your smartphone. Here are the steps to make a successful payment:

Step 1: Select MORE on the home page of the PayTM app.

Step 2: Under “City Services” or “Other Services” choose “Challan”.

Step 3: Select the traffic authority of your city.

Step 4: Enter all the details required – e-challan number, registration certificate number, vehicle number, driving license, and more.

Step 5: Select “Proceed”.

Step 6: Enter the amount of the fine and complete the payment mode, i.e., debit card, net banking, credit card, PayTM UPI.

How to Check Traffic Fine and e-Challan Status?

Ever since the e-Challan system was introduced, it has made paying fines for violations a lot easier and less time consuming. You might have violated some law unknowingly and need to pay the fine for it so that you don’t face other complications in the future and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Central government have made it simpler to make that payment or check a challan status by introducing “Parivahan”. To know more, here are the steps needed:


Click on “Check Challan Status”

Enter the “Challan Number”, Vehicle Number” or Driving License Number” to get all the pending notices or E-Challan information

Enter the Captcha code shown on the next page and click “Get Details”

A new page with all the information will be displayed.

Bengaluru Traffic Police Challan List

In accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, the Bengaluru Traffic Police Challan list has been amended in 2019. The updated list now includes the latest violations and the penalties issued for them. Some of the new fines are mentioned below:

Driving with no valid license2-3 Wheelers – Rs. 1,000 LMV – Rs. 2,000 Others – Rs. 5,000
Driving an Unregistered Vehicle2-3 Wheelers – Rs. 2,000 LMV – Rs. 3,000 Others – Rs. 5,000
Driving a vehicle without Insurance2-3 Wheelers – Rs. 1,000 LMV – Rs. 2,000 Other – Rs. 4,000
Driving without a helmetRs. 500
Not allowing Emergency Vehicles to passRs. 1,000
OverloadingRs. 5,000 and then Rs. 2,000 for every ton that goes over the limit

From the 1st of September 2019, the Motor vehicle Act has updated the fines and penalties for all offenders in the city of Bengaluru. Below are the violations and their fines:

Revised Traffic Fine and Penalties in Bengaluru from 1st Sept-2019

No License While DrivingRs. 1,000 – 2 and 3 Wheeler Vehicles Rs. 2,000 – Light Motor Vehicles Rs. 5,000 Other Vehicles
Over Speeding While DrivingRs. 1,000 – 2/3 Wheeler and LMV Rs. 2,000 – Other Vehicles
Using a Mobile Phone While DrivingRs. 1,500 and Rs. 10,000 for 1st time and 2nd time offenders on 2 and 3 Wheelers Rs. 3,000 – LMV Rs. 5,000 – Other Vehicles
Driving Without a Number PlateRs. 2,000 – 2/3 Wheelers Rs. 3,000 – LMV Rs. 5,000 – Other Vehicles
Driving a Vehicle with a Disqualified Driving LicenseRs. 10,000
Driving an Uninsured VehicleRs. 1,000 – 2/3 Wheelers Rs. 2,000 – LMV Rs. 4,000 – Other Vehicles
Driving Without a HelmetRs. 500
Driving Without a SeatbeltRs. 500
Not Giving Emergency Vehicles a Clear PathRs. 1,000
Overloading a VehicleRs. 5,000 Rs. 2,000 for every additional ton
Using a Horn in a Silent ZoneRs. 500 – 2/3 Wheelers Rs. 1,000 – Other Vehicles
Unauthorized Vehicle InterferenceRs. 1,000
Unauthorized Individual Driving a VehicleRs. 1,000 – 2/3 Wheelers Rs. 2,000 LMV Rs. 5,000 Other vehicles
Driving a Vehicle when Physically or Mentally UnfitRs. 1,000 – 1st Offence Rs. 2,000 – 2nd and Subsequent Offence
Racing While DrivingRs. 5,000 – 1st Offence Rs. 10,000 – 2nd and Subsequent Offence
Driving a Vehicle Without a PermitRs. 5,000 – 1st Offence Rs. 10,000 – 2nd and Subsequent Offence
Carrying Excess PassengerRs. 200 – For every extra passenger
Violating Safety Measures While Driving 2-WheelersRs. 500
Disobeying Traffic RulesRs. 1,000
General PunishmentRs. 500 – 1st Offence Rs. 1,000 – 2nd and Subsequent Offence


Q: What happens if I don’t pay e-challan in Bengaluru?

A.: For anyone who fails to pay the fine:
1. They will be visited by a Bengaluru Traffic Police Officer at their home address to collect the fine.
2. If the fine is not collected from the offender’s home, they will be summoned to court.
3. In case the offender does not appear in court, their license will be suspended.

Q: Who is authorised for the collection of traffic fines in Bengaluru?

A.: The Bengaluru Traffic Police are the only authorized office to collect any traffic fines from the public.

Q: How can I check my traffic challan online in Bengaluru?

A: You can check your e-Challan online by visiting

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