Here's How to Recharge and Check Fastag Balance

Here’s How to Recharge and Check Fastag Balance

Here’s How to Recharge and Check Fastag Balance

Truly, the FASTag digital payment system has been nothing short of revolutionary for the Indian Transport System. Since its launch a few years ago, it has not just helped the public save a lot of time at toll booths, but it has even helped the government with the quicker adoption of a cashless digital economy. FASTag RFID stickers were made mandatory for vehicles on 1 December 2019, and ever since, they are being used by almost everybody. Still, though, there are many who struggle to understand how to recharge Fastag and even how to check Fastag balance. Today, though, we’ll help you with just that.

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What is FASTag?

Basically, FASTag is nothing but an electronic toll collection system that is based on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. These tags are issued by authorised banks and can be obtained through various channels, including online. Using Fastag, you can avoid long queues at toll booths, have a cashless translation and even get details of the toll tax through SMS. It won’t be wrong to say that this on-vehicle device aids the travelling experience for many road users as it’s an easy way to pay at toll plazas. The readers installed at all toll plazas on national highways scan the tags pasted on the car’s windscreen and charge the appropriate toll through a linked account.

How to recharge Fastag online?

Even though Fastag is now widely used, many still wonder how to recharge Fastag online. Now, one can use various methods to recharge the tag, which include usage of the official website, payment at the websites of the bank that has issued a Fastag, and through Paytm.

  • Official Website Process

To recharge NHAI FASTag, you need to visit and login. You can also recharge it on the My FASTag app.

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  • Online recharge

Fastag recharge is one of the most important things for road users. Regardless of whether you’re using a private vehicle or a commercial vehicle, it is mandatory for all to have a Fastag. Else, one needs to pay a penalty when crossing through a toll plaza. There are various ways for online Fastag recharge. You need to know the UPI handle of the bank that issued your Fastag. Once you are aware of the same, you can do an online Fastag recharge using the BHIM UPI by following the simple steps listed below –

  1. Login to any BHIM UPI app that you use.
  2. Click the “send” button to initiate the online Fastag recharge process
  3. Put “netc.vehiclenumber@(bankupihandle)” in send to tab
  4. Verify the UPI ID
  5. Enter the amount with which you would like to recharge Fastag and then authenticate with your PIN

When you enter your vehicle registration number for initiating the UPI recharge transaction, do ensure that you add the accurate bank UPI handle before going ahead with the transaction. Alternatively, you can even use Paytm for online Fastag recharge regardless of which bank has issued your tag.

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How to Recharge FASTag on Paytm?

It is pretty easy to make a Fastag online recharge on Paytm. Here is the set of simple steps you need to follow –

  1. Go to FASTag recharge on Paytm
  2. Select the bank that has issued the Fastag for your vehicle.
  3. Enter your Vehicle Registration Number
  4. Click on ‘Proceed’ and enter the recharge amount
  5. Make payment

FASTag Balance Checking Process

  • How to Check Fastag Balance Online?
  1. Visit the official portal of the issuer of your vehicle’s Fastag
  2. Login to your Fastag account
  3. Location the option to check your Fastag account balance
  4. Check Fastag account statement in case you want to know the previous payments
  • How to Check Fastag Balance Offline?

You can check Fastag balance offline through an Email notification. It’s similar to how you receive an SMS notification every time you pay toll tax. So, if you don’t find the latest SMS update in your phone’s inbox, you can check for an Email with the latest information on your Fastag, including the remaining balance.

  • Smartphone App

Instead of having to log into official portal or look or SMS or Email to check Fastag balance, you can simply download the smartphone app for Fastag from Play Store or App Store. You can easily know the Fastag balance once you login to the app.

  • SMS

If you do not have access to internet, you can simply find the SMS that is sent to you for your last toll tax deduction. This SMS not only carries details of the last toll payment but even has information on the updated balance.

  • FASTag Customer Care Helpline

For checking your Fastag balance, you can miss a call at the toll-free number -+91-8884333331. This facility is available 24X7 and all you need to do is to give a missed call on this with your registered mobile number. You will get a notification with the current Fastag balance soon after the missed call.

What are the Benefits of Having a Fastag?

  • Below are all the benefits of using a Fastag –
  • You will be reducing your travel time through quicker transactions at toll plazas.
  • As the transactions at toll booths are quicker, there is much lower congestion at the booths.
  • Thanks to Fastag, you need not worry about carrying cash for your toll payments as the toll fee is deducted online
  • You receive a notification every time a transaction is made. This helps you keep track of the expense on toll fee.
  • Fastag even helps conserve the environment as there is no longer a need of paper receipts for toll payments


Q: Can I check my FASTag balance offline?

A: Yes, you can easily check your Fastag balance offline. This can be done either through the last SMS for your toll tax payment as it even shows your last updated balance or you can simply give a missed call at the toll-free number- +91-8884333331.

How long is a FASTag valid?

A FASTag has a validity of 5 years

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