How to Safely Park your Car During the Coronavirus Lockdown

How to Safely Park your Car During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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How to Safely Park your Car During the Coronavirus Lockdown

We, humans, are a force to be reckoned with and even with that level of determination, there is a lot we need to learn. The process of learning in itself is never-ending but it comes with its own provisions. Unconsciously, we strive to climb the ladder of foretold stories all the while forgetting about the things that matter to us. For me, it would be my ride, my car. 

COVID-19 is the new Thanos and even with our centuries-old wits & wisdom, we are not able to stop him. What else can we do? Sit at home, save the world. But my ride, my car, is in a vulnerable state right now and has been sitting idle for a while now. (That rhymed!) So, without any further ado, let me jot down a checklist for you petrolheads to keep your car in a good shape. 

Find a safe spot to park your car

Park in a safe spot

This is the first and foremost step towards vehicle care during this lockdown. Make sure that your vehicle is parked in a covered spot or parking. However, if you don’t have one, cover your car or bike with a vehicle cover. This is required in order to protect your prized possession from sunlight and bird poops. Moreover, a car or bike cover also prevents the collection of leaves and flowers on the vehicle during prolonged parking.

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Keep the battery in check or remove it

Disconnect the battery if you’re not using the car for a longtime

As your vehicle has to be parked for a significant amount of time, it is important to prevent its battery from getting discharged. For this, disconnect the battery of your vehicle by removing the negative terminal. If you don’t intend to do so, you can also opt to start your car once a week and keep the engine running for a few minutes in order to ensure the normal functioning of the battery and prevent it from running out of juice. However, as safety and preventive measure in terms of the Coronavirus spread, it has to be noted that while you go out to start or check your vehicle, it is utterly important to wear gloves and face mask at all times. Also, take care to wash your hands properly with soap and sanitize them once you are back in your home.

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Don’t use the handbrake, instead park it in gear

Park the car in Gear

Engaging the handbrake for a long time can result in brake drums getting jammed, might put trouble once you decide to drive after the lockdown. Instead, park the car in 1st gear or place a wedge behind the wheel to prevent the car from rolling

Take a moment to clean the interiors of your car

Clean and sanitize the interiors

Just like the exteriors, it is equally important to keep the interiors of your car clean too. For this, while you start your car every 4 to 5 days, start the air conditioner and blower to get rid of any dust or foreign particles in the cabin. Moreover, clean the cabin of your car thoroughly and avoid keeping any junk food inside to avoid any unpleasant smell and prevent the growth of bacteria. Keep the windows of your car closed at all times during this lockdown.

Keep it lubricated

Check all the necessary fluids

Ensure all the necessary fluid levels like engine oil, brake oil, coolant, etc are sufficient. Lubrication ensures the smooth working of the internal components and hence, doing so will not only increase their life but will also ensure smoother functioning whenever you take your vehicle out once the lockdown lifts.