India's Largest Public EV Charging Station Inaugurated in Navi Mumbai
Parth Dutt
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India’s Largest Public EV Charging Station Inaugurated in Navi Mumbai

Parth Dutt

In what is fantastic news for the emerging electric vehicle industry in India, the country gets its largest public EV charging station in Navi Mumbai. India has taken a strong stride forward towards the upliftment of electric vehicles. The inauguration of the charging station was done by the Minister of Industries and Mining, Subhash Desai, in Maharashtra. The facility reflects the firm steps taken by the state of Maharashtra in the adoption of EV policies.

Minister of Industries and Mining, Subhash Desai, during the launch of the Largest public EV charging station in India, Navi Mumbai.

The charging facility is set to operate with a whopping 21 chargers. The charging station will be operational twenty-four hours. There are AC and DC chargers in the charging facility, and people will have accessibility to four DC and seventeen AC chargers. The DC chargers have a capacity of 15 to 50kW, while the AC chargers have an output of 3.5 to 7.5 kW. The vehicles are provided with parking spaces for slow charging requirements. The EV provider Magenta, who has built the facility, will have the users monitor their cars using the Magenta ChargeGrid App and enable them to pay through the gateway on the app itself. If this isn’t a technological flex, we don’t know what is. 

The chargers installed in the charging station are said to be manufactured in India itself. India has taken up the policy to strengthen its infrastructure compatibility for electric vehicle charging for the upcoming demand of electric vehicle users. The plant in Navi Mumbai is deployed in accordance with the Centre’s plan to set up around four lakhs of charging stations. Subhash Desai said, 

Under our draft EV Policy 2021, we aim to bring at least 1,46,000 new battery-operated electric vehicles (BEVs) on state roads by 2025, estimated to comprise about 10 percent of all new vehicle registrations by that time. We support our very own local start-ups like Magenta to drive the adoption of EVs in the state and in the country and soon globally.” 

Mercedes EQC

Currently, there are limited users in India, but the growth could be exponential very soon as we see many companies coming up with the electric vehicle segment in their portfolio. Brands like Tata, Hyundai, and MG are currently the market holders in the EV space. Other brands such as Mahindra will also be coming up with their line-up of electric cars soon. The elite automakers such as Audi, Jaguar, and Mercedes have also launched their electric cars already in India.