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Instant cash in your account once you sell a used car – We make it possible!

Instant cash in your account once you sell a used car – We make it possible!

When was the last time you decided to sell your car and ended up being disappointed?

Selling a used car is a tedious process. Pushing our limits of contacts to find a buyer to posting countless ads on social media and classified websites, we have tried it all. Even if you decide to zero down on a buyer, other things such as payments create a hurdle. It’s a common notion within the used car buying community that if you get instant cash payments on time for your vehicle, you are a lucky person. Making follow up calls, chasing the new owner for payments is the only reality when it comes to selling your used car.  But what if we tell you, there is a way to sell your call within 30 minutes! And, also get instant cash payment for your vehicle? Sounds to good to be true, right?  

Here’s how selling your used car via different sources can be challenging and how CARS24 makes it a easy ride.

Selling to your acquaintences

Selling your car to your relatives or friends seem to be the easiest solution out there. But is it actually the best way?

Selling your used car to an individual buyer starts with making lot of calls to prospective buyers. Hoping one of them will accept the deal. But this is as rare as the sun rising from the opposite end. Selling your used car to an individual is not only time consuming but illogical too. If the new buyer of your car is someone close to you, it gets awkward to ask for payments. And, this is why if you are looking for instant cash, selling your used car to an individual buyer is no more a viable option.

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Selling to cars dealers in your neighborhood

Dealers are the middlemen between you and the buyer of your car. They help you negotiate a deal for your used car and charge a commission on the final deal. Selling your car to a local dealer is easier than finding an individual buyer. But it comes with its own set of problems. The instant cash payments for your car is hugely dependent on the new buyer of your car. This causes a lot of delay in the payments and you may end up getting much less than what you may be expecting from the deal. On top of this, the commissions charged by the dealers for the deal could be as high as 40 percent of the total payment.

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Selling on classified ads and social media

We are living in the internet era of humanity. Most of our day-to-day work is supported by the internet. You can try to sell your used car on the internet via various social media platforms and classified listing websites. This generally include posting ads on the platform and submitting your contact information. Interested buyers will start contacting you and negotiating a deal with you.This is where the problem starts to rise in terms of selling your car on social media and classified ads. The person who is interested in your car could be anyone from a criminal to a drug lord. Because, no background check is done for these buyers and this might land you in a soup. On top of this, selling via these classified ads make the payment process much more complicated. The buyer may have promised you a deal but may not accept the price you want for your vehicle, even after repeated discussion.

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Selling your car on CARS24

CARS24 is a car buying platform, decluttering the used car market in India. It’s the millennial age solution to the age old problem of selling your used car. They offer the best possible price for your used vehicle while taking care of all the documentation. The moment you decide to sell your used car at CARS24, the executives at one of its 54+ centers addresses you with the requirements of the deal. Once all the papers are collected from you and a sales deed is signed, the promised amount is credited instantly in your account. This makes CARS24 not just a car selling platform but an amazing way to get some instant cash against your car.

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