Just Like Medicines, Cars Come With an Expiry Date

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If someone told you that Cars Come With an Expiry Date, will it be easy for you to believe that? Mr. Baldev Raj Batra, a druggist by profession, visited the Model Town branch of CARS24 to sell his Hyundai Verna. He was received by Mr. Shubham Tanvani, RA at Model Town branch. Mr. Baldev had an awesome personality and was quick to handover all the necessary papers to us. As the car inspection was going on, Mr. Shubham and Mr. Ashutosh, RM at Model Town branch struck an interesting conversation with Mr. Baldev.

Mr. Shuvam – If you don’t mind sir, may I ask you if there is any specific reason why you are selling your car?

Mr. Baldev – Well, just like Medicines cars come with an Expiry Date. A car should be driven for a certain amount of time. If you stretch it beyond its limit, then the adverse effects of the car would be much more than its usefulness. This is the reason I thought of selling it now.

Mr. Ashutosh – Wise thinking sir. How did you come to know about CARS24?

Mr. Baldev – CARS24 is the most efficient platform to sell a car. It is fast, modern, and dynamic! And, I don’t know any other professional car selling platform where you can sell your car in one visit and get instant payment as well.

Mr. Shuvam – Thank you so much sir. It always feels great to be appreciated.

Well, as a brand it really feels amazing to be able to help our customers sell their car in the most convenient manner. We at CARS24 are on a mission to revolutionize the car selling market in India and with our customers by our side; it makes us realise that we are surely marching in the right direction.




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